As Our Own

Our commitment is not only to rescue vulnerable children from extreme poverty and certain exploitation, but to protect, empower, love and care for each child, not as an orphan, but as our own daughters—for life.
We stand in the gap to shield our daughter from the darkness that threatens her very existence.
We believe the foundation and future of any family is built on a footprint of freedom.
Stories of Courage

"Imagine a little 3-year-old girl, orphaned and fending for herself . . . in a brothel . . ."

There are 44 million vulnerable children living in India. Some live on the streets. Others are enslaved in brothels. Most are poor, hungry, and exploited. Hope is hard to come by. Yes—the magnitude is overwhelming, but that’s why we cannot sit still and why we cannot remain silent: Helping vulnerable children in their plight is our great calling.