Once a child is welcomed here, she becomes an irreplaceable member of our family. The girls are not up for adoption, because they have a permanent place of belonging, right here with us. She’s ours to love, nurture, teach, and enjoy.

Just as all children grow from one stage of maturity to another, so do ours. We’re right there with them as they complete their studies, take on new responsibilities, make mistakes, and grow into adulthood.

Through it all, just like any other parent would, we love and encourage our children and offer them support and advice. We discipline and correct them to help them grow. In this there is great joy!

And just as all parents love their children for life, so we love ours. For life.


A Child’s Aftercare Journey

Many people wonder how we go about the rescue and nurture of children. Here’s an overview of the typical steps we take in raising these children as our own.

Step 1:
Identification & Rescue

Vulnerable children living in dire situations are identified. We then become their advocate, working to rescue them into our care.

Step 2:
A New Family

The rescued children are soothed through the steady, daily love of a family consisting of staff and counselors. The discipleship & training of the caretaking staff is most important because of their daily influence at the house.

Step 3:
Emotional safety

The children have emotional deficits from their difficult pasts. We help each one grow in emotional security through ongoing daily care, deepening family ties, emotional counsel, and physical care and security.

Step 5:

A quality English education is critical for combating social prejudices in India. Critical thinking skills and language instruction give our children the opportunity to become women of influence in society.

Step 6:
Discover Skills & Gifts

In a loving and safe environment, children will naturally exhibit the talents and aptitudes in them. We provide opportunities for music, arts, sports, and drama that develop the unique gifting of each child.

Step 7:
College & Beyond

Pursuing college and advanced degrees is the catalyst for becoming an influential member of the community, whether through her career or by starting a stable, loving family of her own.

Step 8:
New Family for life

Our children always have a place to call home. We’re family for keeps, connected and involved with our kids for life. We’re covering their tuition bills and paying for their weddings; we’re there when they dedicate their babies, and when they come home to celebrate holidays.


Family. For Life.

As you can see from the journey outline, these rescued children are not merely wards to corral until they are old enough to fend for themselves. We love them. We parent them.

Our kids don’t graduate out of the family, and our parenting never ends.

We are honored to journey with each one, walking the path of discovery for all she was designed to be. We have made a commitment to each child for the duration of her life. We will stand by her side through whatever she faces: school, college, career, marriage, children, and more.

She comes home for Christmas. She calls for job advice or to share a happy encounter with a friend. She comes to hang out with her siblings and to remember that she always has a place with us.

That’s what family is all about: having a place where you always belong. That’s our approach to aftercare.