Questions About As Our Own

In which part of India does As Our Own work?

As Our Own works in Western India. For the safety of our children and staff, we do not disclose the specific cities or addresses.

Can we adopt the girls in your care?

The good news is that they have already been adopted—by us! They are our beloved daughters, and we are their lifelong parents. It is our passionate goal not to remove them from their culture but to equip them to influence and change their culture for God and for His glory.

At what age do children graduate from your program?

Our kids don’t graduate out of our family, and our parenting never ends. We are honored to be on a lifelong journey with each child.

Can I support you monthly?

Yes! We depend greatly on our Sustain Team to pray, spread our message, and faithfully give regular monthly gifts. Their steady partnership allows us to invest in our daughters at the same level children are invested in here in the States. Join our Sustain Team on our Donate Page by selecting Monthly.

Are there any items or tangible gifts that we can mail to India?

We aim to be good stewards of our partner donations. But the cost of shipping items to India often surpasses the value of the tangible gifts. To receive the best value for your gift, we recommend selling your tangible goods and simply donating the proceeds. It is a wiser use of resources to raise money for a specific project and donate the funds so we can purchase the items directly in India, where prices are lower and no shipping is required.

You are focused on the girls in India; what about the boys who are in need?

The desperate need to rescue exploited girls is large enough that we can solely focus on that. We are praying as to how God would use us to rescue and care for young boys in the future.

What about the mothers (of the children in your care) who are still enslaved in the sex trade?

There is immense evil here, and it is very powerful. Enslavement is no small matter. Through amazing circumstances, we have the opportunity to halt second-generation slavery. Even more amazing, several mothers have stepped up on their own accord to help other children get out of the district. They are advocates, supporting us as we care for the children.

What is the time frame of a rescue? What is the number of children you hope to rescue each year?

What surprises people is the length of time, detail, and prayer involved in a rescue operation from the Red Light District. Without disclosing too many security related details, we can share that this is an extremely intense time of trust-building with the moms and brothel owners. Because of this complexity, it is difficult to set numeric rescue goals per year and estimate a set timeframe of rescue on such an intricate and unique process.

Where do the children attend school? Does As Our Own teach in the homes or do the children attend outside schools?

Currently, As Our Own does not operate a school. The children all attend local Christian schools. Supplemental tutoring and extracurricular programs are provided for them after school, including ongoing English language training. All new children who join our family attend English school because an English education is crucial for these girls to break free from the stigma of their background.

Questions About Promoting As Our Own

Where can I buy your gear?

Please email with your request.

Questions About Finance

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! As Our Own is a tax-exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Download our 501 (c) 3 Ruling on our Financials page.

Is As Our Own a member of a financial accountability group?

Yes! We are members of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. View our profile by visiting our Financials page.

What percentage of the funding is allocated to program costs?

Review our financial reports to see how we've efficiently used your donations.

Where can I find your financial statements and annual report?

Visit our Financials page to download our financial statements and annual report.

Can I have access to your latest 990?

Yes! Download our latest 990 from our Financials page.

How do I change my credit card info or donation amount on my current monthly donation?

To change your monthly donation, please donate online using your revised information. (Don't forget to select 'monthly'!) In the comments box, please tell us to cancel your old donation. Questions? Email us at

Questions About Internships, Careers, and Volunteering

Do you offer internships?

At this time, we are not offering internships in the U.S. or India.

Are there current job opportunities with As Our Own?

Check out our Careers page!

Can I volunteer with As Our Own?

Currently, we do not have volunteer positions available. But there are ways you can take action right where you are! We need you to spread awareness about the crisis in India and raise funds to help fight the battle. Get involved and change lives through As Our Own!

Questions About Running

Where are you racing this year?

We're racing half marathons across the country! Visit the I WILL RUN page to see this season's races.

I want to run a 5K in my hometown for As Our Own . . . is this possible?

Yes! You can run your desired race in your very own city for our daughter Premila! Go here to create your team's fund-raising page. Don't forget to indicate where you are running and be sure to set your team goal!

Does my $750 fund-raising commitment make a difference?

Yes! I WILL RUN is a fund-raiser, and we depend on many runners raising $750 to help us care for our daughters. Click here to read more.

How do I get my jersey or t-shirt?

Please do not make your own shirts with our trademarked logo or brand. Instead, contact us at and we can help get you a jersey!

I joined a running team but I can't find my fund-raising page. Can you send me the link?

Yes! Email us at:

Can people give me cash for my running goal?

Yes! You can receive cash donations and apply them to your page by making an online donation or sending in a check. But by law, we cannot give a receipt to the donors for the cash you received. We can only give a receipt to you if you make the donation to us. Mail checks to: As Our Own, 1717 Network Place, Suite 220, Houston, TX 77056.

If someone gives me cash or a check, can you give me credit on my fund-raising page?

Yes! You can apply the cash to your page by making an online donation. We cannot give the cash donor a receipt. For the checks, you can mail them to us and we will apply the funds to your fund-raising page and give the donor a receipt. Please include your name in the envelope so we know to give you credit. Mail checks to: As Our Own, 1717 Network Place, Suite 220, Houston, TX 77056.

What is involved with being a team leader?

We need individuals who have the capacity, drive, and commitment to recruit a team of 20 runners. It is the team leader's responsibility to build the team, encourage teammates to hit their fund-raising goals, and show up on race day with lots of energy and excitement. Team leaders are also expected to communicate important details to their teammates (fund-raising tips and race-day logistics). If you want to build a team for one of our half marathons or start a team in your very own city, contact

I want to join the I WILL RUN team but you aren't racing in my city . . . what can I do?

You can still run for our daughter Premila in your city! Go here to create your team's fund-raising page. Don't forget to indicate where you are running and be sure to set your team goal!