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Your Fund-Raising Commitment

When you join a running team, you are committing to raise $750 to help care for our daughters in India. Because I WILL RUN is a fund-raiser, we ask that you work just as hard to meet your fund-raising goal as your physical running goal. Here are a few resources to help you succeed.


As parents, we greatly depend on so many of you to come alongside us and help give each daughter the same care you give your own children. That means highly investing in each child educationally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Each year, we devote over $4,500 to each child in our care.

As you can see, it takes many runners raising $750 each to play an integral role in her life!


Is I WILL RUN a fund-raiser?
Yes, the primary goal of I WILL RUN is to raise funds to help us care for our daughters. Fund-raising is priority. Running is the tool you are using to raise money and support our girls in India.

When do I need to have the $750 raised?
The deadline is one week before race day. We will help you by sending reminders before your race.

If I run but don’t raise money, am I helping As Our Own?
If you only run but do not raise any money, then a great opportunity has been missed. We need dedicated runners to raise money and help us care for our daughters. Your fund-raising helps us do the work to care for each child as our own.

When I register for the race and pay the registration fee, does As Our Own receive the money?
No. We are not official partners with the race. None of the monies you pay to the race/event goes to As Our Own. The only way we receive money is through your fund-raising page or mailed donations.

What if I signed up but now I can’t run on race day?
If you become injured or can no longer run, you are still committed to raise $750. Oftentimes, an injured runner will change her page to reflect her injury or change in plans . . . but she will still ask for donations. Don’t let an injury or change in schedule keep you from making a difference in the lives of our daughters.

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Biggest Tip: Start early! Begin fund-raising immediately so you can reach your $750 commitment.

  • Take the lead and be the very first to donate to your page. Make a sacrifice and give $10 per week during your training. $10*16 weeks of training = $160!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for donations. You are raising money for a good cause and others will want to support you! Give people the opportunity to give.
  • Send reminders—friends want to give but they forget sometimes.
  • Host a simple event to raise money. Think garage sale, pancake breakfast, or movie night.
  • Tell friends, family, and co-workers about your dedication to run 13.1 miles and your pledge to raise $750. They will be inspired to donate!

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