Take Action
Read how students at Breakaway Ministries rose to the challenge and made a huge impact in India. Be inspired, follow their lead, and host an even on your campus!
CREATIVE IDEA  ::  Shalom Project Fund-Raising Challenge
WHO  ::  Breakaway Ministries at Texas A&M University
WHERE  ::  College Station, Texas

Breakaway Ministries wanted its campus group to put its passion into action. The students were challenged to give sacrificially to change lives through gifts to two organizations—As Our Own being one! Over four weeks, students across campus gave more than $100,000, resulting in an astounding $50,000 gift through As Our Own. Whether your campus fund-raiser is big or small, gifts given through As Our Own are greatly appreciated and make a tremendous difference.

You can make a similar impact by organizing an event of any size for your campus group. Take your next steps at Host an Event.



» Sorority at DBU hosted a coffeehouse fund-raising event—Organize Your Own Fund-Raising Event
» University hosted a movie night & collected an entry fee—Create an Advocacy Movie Night
» Hold an Outpour Event to lift up our work in India—Host an Event on Your Campus