Our dream is for each child to attend college and training well beyond high school. In India, education earns you more than a diploma—it unlocks the door to the future.

Our daughters are growing up! And as parents, we want to plan ahead for their futures by investing in their college savings fund. With your gifts to the College Dreams Project, we can prepare now to send our daughters to college!


This year, we need many individuals and groups to adopt the College Dreams Project! Can your family, small group, business, school, or church commit to raise funds for this project?

  • If you are hosting a fund-raising event and would like to adopt this project, you can set a goal of $500, $1500, $2500, or $5000. Contact us to get started »
  • Are you an individual or a family that would like to donate to the College Dreams Project today? Donate now »

Project 1295 :: College Dreams Project
Questions? Please contact us: projects@AsOurOwn.org