Will You Join January 50?

Just two weeks ago, we invited our faithful partners to join the 2012 Sustain Team. We called it the January 50—adding 50 new Sustain partners who would give $25 or more per month in 2012.

The response has been so encouraging! We have already received 45 of the 50 commitments! The current Sustain Team is excited for YOU to take one of the remaining nine slots!

Two of our five-year Sustain members share why they continue to be part of the team:

"I love the vision that As Our Own has for helping the children reach their fullest potential, not only helping them survive but enabling them to thrive . . . I can't think of a better cause to give to!" —Jordan

“The ultimate intent is to train our girls and our students to engage the entire Indian subcontinent! What I love most about giving to As Our Own is that it means I am a small part of the big things happening through this organization both locally and globally.” —Taylor

We hope you will consider partnering with these dear friends. Your partnership means so much.

Click here and select Monthly to join the January 50!

Thank you!

1 / 18 / 2012