Why Ongoing Protection Is Crucial for Our Daughters

Each time we bring a daughter into our care, there is great rejoicing! She is welcomed home as a permanent, irreplaceable member of our family. The day of her rescue is cause for celebration!

But rescue marks the beginning of our lifelong commitment to protect and guide her through every phase of life and every major decision. Her protection is crucial, as girls are often subject to unique dangers in India.

A study1 on child abuse in India confirms the need for ongoing diligence, reporting on the emotional, physical, and sexual abuses plaguing girls who aren’t fully protected. And many girls—47 percent—face early marriage, before age 18.2 Sources report that early marriage means the end of formal education for them. It also means they are twice as likely to face physical and emotional abuse as compared to those who obtain higher education and get married later in life.3

This is why we stand in the gap for our daughters, protecting them and their bright future. We are thankful that for our daughters, immediate danger of abuse and early marriage subsides once they enter our family.

Together, we provide this covering for each of our daughters, so they have a safe environment in which to grow and learn and live and shine.

“Some 40% of the world’s child marriages take place in India.”3

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9 / 4 / 2013