When ‘It’s a Girl!’ Is Bad News

The recent census release for India confirms the awful truth: An entire generation of girls is missing from India’s history. They are being aborted from the womb, discarded at birth, and neglected in childhood. Why? Simply because they are girls.

This month we were made aware of a documentary, from Shadowline Films titled It’s a Girl. These productions help us each process the reality that women and girls face life-threatening situations every day.

Take a moment to watch the trailer:


Arya :: From Trash to Treasure

As our staff watched the It’s a Girl trailer, many emotions washed over us. The reality is many of our own girls were days away from being part of those stories and statistics—including Arya. Little Arya was the sixth daughter born into a family caught in the hopeless cycle of extreme poverty. Her parents did not rejoice at her birth. Her father took his newborn girl and left her for trash at the garbage dump.

Arya’s life was spared when her grandfather rescued her from the dump and pleaded with As Our Own to take care of her for the rest of her life. It is our privilege to love her as all little girls should be: without measure and for life.

Today, Arya is a first-year college student moving towards a successful career!

We celebrate this story by running the half marathon in Eugene, Oregon, on April 29, 2012, in honor of Arya and the countless girls like her who face a tragic, hopeless future simply because they are female.

8 / 31 / 2011