When Is Basketball More than a Game?

When it’s used to build community at home and compassion around the world. The men's ministry at Houston's Bayou City Fellowship took a 3-on-3 tournament and made it more than sport.

Tournament organizer Gregg explains, “The goal was to have fun while playing for something greater than a trophy.” Basketball was a creative way to draw men—55 players on 13 teams—while raising money for a BCF-supported nonprofit. The winning team had the privilege of selecting the beneficiary for the proceeds, and they chose As Our Own! We are so grateful.

Gregg says BCF’s ongoing commitment to As Our Own highlights how we can make a difference when we “reach out into all the world and save children from the snare of slavery, prostitution, and hunger.” He sees compassion growing at BCF due to this partnership.

You can follow BCF’s lead to build community at home and grow compassion for our daughters by dedicating the proceeds from your outreach event. Gregg encourages: “Selfless acts will be more rewarding than selfish ones. Don't miss an opportunity to serve.”

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8 / 15 / 2012