Wedding Day Advocates

It is a wedding custom for family and friends to give gifts to the happy couple on their wedding day. But one couple decided to return the love by giving a gift to As Our Own in honor of their guests!

Staci and Austin have a heart for India and wanted their wedding to be a platform for introducing others to As Our Own. Staci explains their motivation like this: “There is more going on in the world than we see when we just live in our little spheres...I wanted to give others an opportunity to do that by providing them with information that could get them connected and leading the way by making a donation to As Our Own in each guest's honor.”

Because Austin is a dentist and Staci is a dental hygienist, they ordered personalized toothbrush favors to hand out and attached a note explaining their donation to As Our Own. She says many guests commented how the gift encouraged and stirred them.


Do you have with a platform for impacting our daughters in India?

12 / 15 / 2011