The Power of Education for Our Girls

A good education provides more than book smarts. It enhances critical thinking skills, provides exposure to a world of new opportunities, and develops their natural gifts and talents.

This is what we want for each one of our girls. Education is even more important in India. The schooling our girls receive today provides the opportunity to overcome any stigma associated with their roots so that they can achieve their full potential.

Over the last few months, the girls' grades and reports from their teachers have been something to celebrate!

»75% of all girls at Faith Home are getting straight A's.
»All of our girls at Faith Home are getting A's and B's!
»Avishi has been appointed 2nd grade class monitor.
»Alisha, from Grace Home, has successfully transitioned into her first year at nursing school.
»Mya, from Grace Home, was awarded 'Student of the Month' last month at school!

Such news is exactly what all parents hope to hear about their children! Thank you for making such a difference in the lives of these girls.


10 / 3 / 2011