The Launch of the Child Development Institute at Hope College

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Equipping those who are called

One of the biggest challenges in caring for vulnerable children is ensuring you have a staff who are not only called but also equipped.  While many people feel called, unfortunately many lack the opportunity to receive high quality training due to limited resources.  Through the Child Development Institute at Hope College we are able to fill that gap.  The college offers biblically and clinically based training to equip those who are called so that every child is truly cared for as our own.

Volunteer & Technology-enabled

We have an amazing staff who is hungry for knowledge.  They are always eager to learn new ways to care for our daughters with many already having degrees in Theology, Business, and Social Work.  As a perfect complement we have some supporters & volunteers who have exceptional knowledge in the area of child development and have graciously partnered with us by offering their time and expertise.  By utilizing a combination of on-site training from our Director of Child Development and online training enabled through video-conferencing with experts in the US, we've been able to launch the Child Development Institute at Hope College.  

This program is the first Biblically-based and clinically-sound program in all of India!  The curriculum leverages best-in-class books in the area of child development - some examples include The Connect Child / Empowered To Connect by Purvis, How People Grow by Cloud & Townsend, In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence by Darke & McFarland, and many others.  It also includes real-world experience and practical application to immediately implement the concepts learned in the classroom to directly impact our daughters.  

If it weren't for amazing volunteers utilizing their training and expertise, we wouldn't have all the curriculum or depth of teaching, and if it weren't for generous donors we wouldn't have the technology to enable the international video-conferencing.  Together, supporters like you have made this possible.


A screengrab from one of the video conference enabled classes

"It is a golden opportunity"

In the US we sometimes take education for granted, but in India this opportunity is truly rare and highly cherished.  We spoke with several of the students and they all were so grateful for the opportunity.  One student said "It is a golden opportunity".  We have already seen amazing progress and learning taking place.

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11 / 23 / 2015