The Beauty of Family—for Life

Quite often in our updates we describe our family with a little, two-word phrase: For Life. The phrase may be small, but the sentiment of those words is immeasurable! What do we mean when we say our daughters are family—for life?

Family—for life means that when a child is rescued into the care of As Our Own, she becomes a daughter. She has been welcomed as our own child, as an irreplaceable member of our family. She’s now family—for life. We have the great joy of caring for her as she grows up, gets an education, pursues a college degree, and gets her first job. And when she gets married and starts having children of her own, she’s still family. Our grown daughters come home to visit and celebrate holidays with us!

The profound beauty of family—for life catches us especially when we see how much our daughters have grown over the years. When we pull out the family photos, our hearts melt with joy in remembering those snapshot moments from years past. Children grow up so very fast! As parents, we are so thankful for the time we have with our girls.

What a privilege to parent them, nurture them, help them reach their full potential. Seeing years of life in those photographs is evidence that othis is what it means to be family—for life.

“Family relationships provide children with a critical sense of being valued and with a vital network of historical linkages and social support.”1


11 / 1 / 2013