Ralph’s Most Recent Report from India


As Our Own President, Ralph Borde, travels frequently between the U.S. and India. During his most recent trip to India, he was able to share several exciting updates:

  • Several of our daughters shared what they want to be when they grow up, and how they want to use their skills to help the less fortunate. Mya is studying Computer Engineering, a highly competitive field, and received ‘1st class’ distinction! Prina is studying Theology and wants to use her training to care for vulnerable children & the destitute.
  • Construction on As Our Own’s new campus, Sparrows Nest, is in progress and going well. Groundbreaking occurred on Good Friday and has been progressing rapidly. By June 2017 we should have a new PreK-6 school, Staff Training Facilities, & New Family-Style homes completed and in-use. Ralph’s daughter approved of the work as you can see from this delightful photo!
  • We have the opportunity to add more children to our care. Our goal is to care for more than 200 additional children in the coming year, but we’ll need to grow our financial resources to do so. Would you consider if you can increase your support so we can reach more children?

11 / 16 / 2016