Our Runners Each Have a $750 Fundraising Commitment


How important is it for our runners to raise $750 for their upcoming races?

$720 will allow her to attend school for 9 months
»Narita was born into a very poor family. After her Father's suicide and her Mother's quick departure, both Narita and her sister were cared for by their Grandmother. Times were still difficult and Narita's Grandmother did not have enough money to send the girls to school. Upon the death of their Grandmother, As Our Own was made aware of the situation and knew without intervention the girls would be forced to work for money in some sort of bondage. The girls were welcomed into our family, where they were enrolled in school once again!

$696 will allow her to eat 3 nutritious meals a day for 1 year
»Gajra was forced to earn money for her stepmother by working in other homes or in nearby fields. Food and water were rarely provided. She would go days without any sustenance. Gajra was 7 years old when she was rescued into the As Our Own family. Physically, she looked half her age.

$672 will give her a comfortable home for 1 year
»Avishi was born in the red-light district because her mom is enslaved there. They made their home in the basement of a seven-story brothel. It was dark and dreary and lifeless. This is no place for a child to grown up. Avishi needed to get out of this treacherous situation before it was too late. As Our Own staff connected with Avishi's mom and shared how Avishi could grown up in a secure and safe environment by living with us.


I WILL RUN completed races in four cities during 2011 . . . and will be racing in six more in the coming months. With a fundraising commitment of $750 each, our runners need your support.

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2 / 2 / 2012