Off to College :: Prina and Reena

We are as proud as we can be watching our daughters grow up and spread their wings! And as parents, we find this time of year to be bittersweet as we send our high school graduates off to their first year of college. 

Many of our oldest daughters are also heading back to complete their final years of college. But it's the first-year students who get some special attention during this transitional time in life as they prepare to experience their first year away from home.

This semester, two of our daughters—Prina and Reena—will leave the nest and start college. June 8, Prina will begin Seminary; her acceptance into a prestigious school means that she will be the farthest from the nest yet! And late in July, Reena will start nursing school. She has been busy this summer taking extra chemistry classes in preparation. 

Here are a few insights from these two girls as they prepare to head off to college:

» Question: What are you looking forward to the most at college?

Prina: I am anxious to meet new people from all over India who come from different cultures and speak different languages.
Reena: I am excited to enter into a new world that I have been dreaming about for a long time!

» Question: Is there anything you are nervous about heading off to college?

Prina: I have been working very hard on my English grammar and conversational speaking and hope that I will be able to communicate clearly.
Reena: I wonder what the reaction of my teacher will be if I make a mistake.

» Question: What do you think college will be like?

Prina: The chapel on campus will be beautiful and the library will be the biggest I've ever seen!
Reena: I think the environment will feel like a retreat and that the teachers will be nice too.

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6 / 1 / 2012