Make a Joyful Noise - Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Creative activities develop leadership skills

In addition to a great academic education, we also focus on developing our daughters' creative skills and abilities.  It allows them to have a creative outlet, to express their thoughts and emotions, to sing songs that bring lots of joy, and more.  In India, these intangible strengths really separate the good from the great and are setting our daughters up for leadership positions in their school and in their careers.  It also teaches them that they can overcome obstacles & that something difficult can be mastered with enough hard work and practice.

Keyboard Lesson

Learning the Keyboard

Playing the guitar

2/3 of our daughters are taking music lessons

Whether they're playing the guitar, learning the triple congos, playing the piano/keyboard, or singing in choir, nearly all of our daughters are taking music lessons from age 3 on up to our high school age girls.  For those who are now in college many can play lots of songs and they lead music for our family, for their friends, and at community gatherings.  It truly has boosted their confidence and allowed them to show all that they are capable of achieving.  We are thankful that they make very joyful noises...which gives us much joy too!

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