It’s Our Third Year Running in Houston—Join Us!

Third Annual Race in Houston!

On October 27, Team Houston is running for our daughter Sabeena. Over the past two years, Team Houston has helped I WILL RUN raise a total of $237,000! The dedication by these runners to train and raise funds has impacted our daughters' lives greatly! This year, we need YOU to join our 2013 Houston Team and help us reach $300,000.

It takes all levels of runners to make a team! Read and be inspired to join Team Houston in 2013 . . .

"Each year I dedicate one of my races to these girls. I love thinking of creative way to raise funds—I've done a coin drive and partnered with a local restaurant. It is a great feeling to use my running skills and creative fund-raising efforts to help make a difference in India!" —Erin, Avid Runner

"Training can be hard, but it's worth it! One morning, I did not want to run 6 miles. But then I remembered why I was running and I re-commited my mind and miles to the girls and got it done! Afterwards, I was encouraged because I knew my dedication was to something bigger." —Ryan, Casual Runner

"I made a commitment to train for my very first half marathon so I could raise money for girls in India. It felt amazing crossing the finish line knowing I met my physical goal, and I raised more than $2,000!" —Sharon, First-Time Runner

Here's How to Join Our Team!
» Register with Team Houston to create your fund-raising page.
» Sign up for the 2013 Houston Half Marathon & Relay.
» Read about your $750 fund-raising commitment.
» Use our helpful Training Guide to get into running shape!

6 / 10 / 2013