Grab a Friend and Run a Relay!

Grab a friend and run a relay with Team Houston!
Team Houston is running for our daughter Sabeena on October 28 in the Houston Half Marathon & Relay. What are you waiting for?! Grab a friend and sign up as a relay team! Split the mileage but share in the fun of running with As Our Own.


Take Action Today. Follow These Steps:

» Send our inspirational video to your friend and say, "You're running with me for Sabeena!"

» Sign up for the Houston Half Marathon & Relay as a relay team.

» Register with As Our Own to create your fund-raising pages—each relay runner should make a page and set an individual goal.

» Use our helpful Training Guide to get into running shape for race day!

Will You Run for Her?

Run for Sabeena and change her life.

Sabeena is 4 years old and just started her first year of pre-school. She's a spunky gal who loves to play with her sisters and be silly. When she grows up, she wants to be a cop. And in school, she likes song time best of all.

Sabeena is our daughter. We have made a commitment to her for the duration of her life. We will stand by her side through whatever she faces. You too can play a vital role in her life by running and raising funds with Team Houston! 

8 / 31 / 2012