Girl Chat with Sabri

In our house, if you follow the sound of chatter and laughter it will likely lead you to Sabri.

She fills our family to the full with her lively, bright personality! At 8.5 years old, she’s one of our younger daughters—which she loves, because she has plenty of older sisters to dote on her. She can’t get enough of their care and attention! And they love being with her, because she’s always ready to play a game of carrom or run around outside.

“I love being in a big family because my
older sisters watch out for me and help
me with schoolwork, and there is always
someone to play with.”

This is one animated girl! Sabri is rarely sitting still. And all of our housemoms agree: If Sabri’s talking, she’s also dancing. Which may explain how she recently won our in-house dance competition, beating out even her older sisters!

“I like the rainy season best . . . because I like to dance in the rain.”

Sabri’s favorite book right now is Cinderella. (We don’t think it’s any coincidence that it has lots of dancing in it!) She chooses this book again and again during our family reading time.

“Cinderella is my favorite storybook because she was troubled at first but in the end was happy.”

This is our Sabri. We are so proud to parent her and call her our own!

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