Girl Chat with Reena

Girl Chat with Reena

Reena is one of our daughters who recently graduated from college with a Bachelor Degree in Theology, a tremendous achievement! She recently shared with us some of her perspective on the college process, demonstrating a humility and authenticity in sharing the struggle and triumph of her college experience.
She described her discouragement in the first year, both with the language and with the workload. When she realized that she was having difficulty, she asked one of her sisters to help tutor her. Under Priya’s tutelage, Reena’s scores improved.

Our President, Ralph, believes in the importance of being personally involved in our daughters’ lives. When he heard that Reena was struggling, he called her to encourage her. As she says, “I still remember that he called me and talked with me on the phone, and he encouraged me to continue my studies. That really helped me not to give up on my studies.”

Reena has now applied to a university for her Master’s course, and we’re excited to see what she will achieve!

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11 / 16 / 2016