Education in India & Academic Opportunity for Our Daughters

Education in India & Academic Opportunity for Our Daughters


As Our Own is regularly asked, “What does education in India look like?” We’re glad you asked!
India is known for rigorous academics and a highly competitive environment for college acceptance. There is a significant stratification in the quality of schools children can attend. Just as in the U.S., private education is highly coveted for its quality and the opportunities it presents. When evaluating school options for our daughters, just as with every aspect of the care we provide we asked ourselves, “What if we didn’t educate them as orphans, but educated them as our own daughters?”
With that inspiration in mind, we have made the choice to send our daughters to the best schools we can from early education up through college. This is to provide them with opportunity for the future & to enable them to reach their full potential.

We enroll them in private school at an early age, ensuring that from a young age they are achieving appropriate child development milestones & learning new things. Our littlest daughters are learning English and important basic skills as young as age three! Girls in primary school are focusing on skills that will be necessary in choosing a future career. During secondary school (high school) they prepare for exams that are critical for their acceptance into competitive college programs. These exams – locally called the ‘10th standard board examination’ and ‘12th standard board examination’ are rigorous tests that are standardized across the country, much like the SAT or ACT. We encourage our daughters to study hard, and we have on-staff tutors who help them practice to ensure they succeed and achieve all they are capable of. Thanksfully we’ve had a 100% high school graduation rate as well as 100% college acceptance rate the past few years!

Some encouraging facts from this year:

• 100% of K-12 students passed their classes
• 5 children were ranked in the top 10 in their class
• 22 daughters in Junior College & College!
• 4 College Graduates!


Our daughters have busy schedules, just like many American children—school during the day and allotted times in the afternoon and evening for study. However, we also make sure that we allow time for fun. Many of the girls spend time in the evenings playing music, practicing mehndi (a temporary paint pattern drawn on the skin), dancing, and playing games with their sisters.

We continue to support our daughters along their chosen career path through college and graduate school, and we rejoice that so many of our daughters have found successful careers. Some have even come back to work at As Our Own, investing their time and experience back into the new daughters who have joined us.

Your donations allow our daughters to attend excellent schools and receive the education they need to be successful in their careers and to reach their full potential. What’s more, with each daughter that achieves academic success, she impacts her world by showing others that anything is possible. As we invest in their future through academics, we know that amazing things can be done through their lives! If you’re interested in further supporting our daughter’s academic opportunities, consider providing a monthly academic sponsorship for $107/month. It covers all school & college fees, empowering our daughters to impact India and the world!


12 / 12 / 2016