College Graduations Celebration

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We had a celebration!

When you see your children work hard and achieve their full potential, there's no greater feeling. This year we were able to celebrate 4 of our daughters graduating from college, and in true India fashion, we had a family gathering & party to celebrate.

As she walked across the stage to receive her diploma, Prina exuded the joy of completing one of her goals. It was the culmination of all the discipline, hard work, and focus put into achieving a Bachelors of Theology degree.  She hopes to use her knowledge to help vulnerable children int he same way that As Our Own cared for her. Thanks to your support Prina was able to achieve this goal.

Prina with a smile of relief after graduation

We took a few cues from the US and created a slideshow of each daughter from when she first joined our family as a little girl through those awkward junior high years, high school, and into college.  Lots of laughs were had as our whole family remembered many great moments from our daughters' lives and as we remembered how blessed we have been to be able to protect them and helping our staff truly care for them as our own daughters, for life.  

Graduation Celebration Photo

One highlight was when each graduating daughter gave a speech to the whole As Our Own family.  There wasn't a dry eye in sight.  The wisdom these young women shared with the As Our Own family was amazing.  They challenged their younger sisters to challenge themselves and to remain focused on the prize.  They showed respect and admiration for our staff and family.  It was one of those nights where we were able to see the fruits of our labor and that these 'little girls' grew up to be wise women.

Daughter giving speech at podium

Several years ago college was but a dream, but we didn't have the resources to make it a reality for our daughters.  Now, thanks to supporters like you, we have 22 girls in college this year!

Did you know that we spend over $100/month on school fees for each child in our care?  If you're able, would you consider helping us cover these costs by giving $100/month?


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11 / 23 / 2015