Education in India & Academic Opportunity for Our Daughters

Education in India & Academic Opportunity for Our Daughters


As Our Own is regularly asked, “What does education in India look like?” We’re glad you asked!
India is known for rigorous academics and a highly competitive environment for college acceptance. There is a significant stratification in the quality of schools children can attend. Just as in the U.S., private education is highly coveted for its quality and the opportunities it presents. When evaluating school options for our daughters, just as with every aspect of the care we provide we asked ourselves, “What if we didn’t educate them as orphans, but educated them as our own daughters?”
With that inspiration in mind, we have made the choice to send our daughters to the best schools we can from early education up through college. This is to provide them with opportunity for the future & to enable them to reach their full potential.

We enroll them in private school at an early age, ensuring that from a young age they are achieving appropriate child development milestones & learning new things. Our littlest daughters are learning English and important basic skills as young as age three! Girls in primary school are focusing on skills that will be necessary in choosing a future career. During secondary school (high school) they prepare for exams that are critical for their acceptance into competitive college programs. These exams – locally called the ‘10th standard board examination’ and ‘12th standard board examination’ are rigorous tests that are standardized across the country, much like the SAT or ACT. We encourage our daughters to study hard, and we have on-staff tutors who help them practice to ensure they succeed and achieve all they are capable of. Thanksfully we’ve had a 100% high school graduation rate as well as 100% college acceptance rate the past few years!

Some encouraging facts from this year:

• 100% of K-12 students passed their classes
• 5 children were ranked in the top 10 in their class
• 22 daughters in Junior College & College!
• 4 College Graduates!


Our daughters have busy schedules, just like many American children—school during the day and allotted times in the afternoon and evening for study. However, we also make sure that we allow time for fun. Many of the girls spend time in the evenings playing music, practicing mehndi (a temporary paint pattern drawn on the skin), dancing, and playing games with their sisters.

We continue to support our daughters along their chosen career path through college and graduate school, and we rejoice that so many of our daughters have found successful careers. Some have even come back to work at As Our Own, investing their time and experience back into the new daughters who have joined us.

Your donations allow our daughters to attend excellent schools and receive the education they need to be successful in their careers and to reach their full potential. What’s more, with each daughter that achieves academic success, she impacts her world by showing others that anything is possible. As we invest in their future through academics, we know that amazing things can be done through their lives! If you’re interested in further supporting our daughter’s academic opportunities, consider providing a monthly academic sponsorship for $107/month. It covers all school & college fees, empowering our daughters to impact India and the world!


12 / 12 / 2016


Six New Daughters


We recently welcomed six new daughters into our home! This is only the beginning of our planned expansion over the next few years, which will be made possible with our new campus. We have already been notified of more than 200 vulnerable children in need of homes and care, and who are ready to join the As Our Own family.

The greatest barrier to meeting that need is lack of financial resources. Thank you for your support in helping us care for more children.

In the meantime, we rejoice with each new girl that we can welcome, care for, and love. These four beauties are already enrolled in school classes and have been welcomed with open arms by their sisters! Please pray for them to adjust to their new home, surroundings, and schedule with ease, and for us as we seek to provide them with the best of care.


12 / 12 / 2016


$250,000 Donation Match in December!


A generous donor has agreed to match gifts given in December so your gift goes 2X as far if given by December 31!* And of course, they’re tax-deductible. Choose to give either:


  • By mail to: As Our Own, 1717 St. James Place, Suite 220, Houston, Texas 77056



12 / 12 / 2016


5 Simple Ways to Support As Our Own This Holiday Season

5 Simple Ways to Support As Our Own This Holiday Season

This is the season of giving and good cheer!  We know you have many obligations on your heart and mind during this busy season, so here are 5 simple ways to support As Our Own:

5 :: LIKE
Like, comment on, and share our Facebook updates.
4 :: SHOP
Register with, and when you make a purchase at Amazon, they will make a donation to As Our Own.
3 :: GIVE
Donate to As Our Own. Thanks to a generous donor, any gift you give through the end of December will be matched up to $50,000!! Double your gift by giving today!
2 :: GIFT 
Give a gift to your friends and family from our Gift Catalog. These gifts help spread the word about our work and help us meet our daughters’ needs for the year. Plus, the recipient will know you gave a gift with eternal impact!
1 :: PRAY
One great way in which you can support us is with your fervent and faithful prayers. Pray for our staff, daughters, and students. Pray for provision during our most critical fundraising time of year so that we may expand our reach to empower more children in the coming year.
Thank you for your partnership!

11 / 16 / 2016


Ralph’s Most Recent Report from India


As Our Own President, Ralph Borde, travels frequently between the U.S. and India. During his most recent trip to India, he was able to share several exciting updates:

  • Several of our daughters shared what they want to be when they grow up, and how they want to use their skills to help the less fortunate. Mya is studying Computer Engineering, a highly competitive field, and received ‘1st class’ distinction! Prina is studying Theology and wants to use her training to care for vulnerable children & the destitute.
  • Construction on As Our Own’s new campus, Sparrows Nest, is in progress and going well. Groundbreaking occurred on Good Friday and has been progressing rapidly. By June 2017 we should have a new PreK-6 school, Staff Training Facilities, & New Family-Style homes completed and in-use. Ralph’s daughter approved of the work as you can see from this delightful photo!
  • We have the opportunity to add more children to our care. Our goal is to care for more than 200 additional children in the coming year, but we’ll need to grow our financial resources to do so. Would you consider if you can increase your support so we can reach more children?

11 / 16 / 2016


Girl Chat with Reena

Girl Chat with Reena

Reena is one of our daughters who recently graduated from college with a Bachelor Degree in Theology, a tremendous achievement! She recently shared with us some of her perspective on the college process, demonstrating a humility and authenticity in sharing the struggle and triumph of her college experience.
She described her discouragement in the first year, both with the language and with the workload. When she realized that she was having difficulty, she asked one of her sisters to help tutor her. Under Priya’s tutelage, Reena’s scores improved.

Our President, Ralph, believes in the importance of being personally involved in our daughters’ lives. When he heard that Reena was struggling, he called her to encourage her. As she says, “I still remember that he called me and talked with me on the phone, and he encouraged me to continue my studies. That really helped me not to give up on my studies.”

Reena has now applied to a university for her Master’s course, and we’re excited to see what she will achieve!

Your gift can support our daughters in college. Click to read more about our College Dreams program.

11 / 16 / 2016


Girl Chat with Kala

Girl Chat with Kala

Always Thankful, Kala!

Kala embodies the thankful heart that we think of during the Thanksgiving season, so we thought she would be perfect to interview this November.  We love having her as our daughter and hope you'll enjoy getting to know her a little bit as well.  Kala is 15 and in 8th grade and she received high marks across all of her subjects this year.

Q: What makes our family special?

A: I am thankful for the opportunity to share my thoughts about my family. Really the grace home family is a unique family and I am proud to say that I'm a part of the family. My sisters are very special to me.  I'm just so thankful for all the people who are looking after me every day and are concerned about my life.

Q: What is one of your favorite hobbies or interests?

A: When I was in 2nd grade I learned how to make Khichadi (Rice and lentils) and everyone said it was really good. After that encouragement I started cooking different things and it was becoming good.  I thought, maybe I have the gift of cooking. Now I love to prepare "Sabudana Wada"...every time it is perfect.

Q: Do you like school?  How is it going?

A: I want to achieve the goal I have set for my life and that's why I am studying hard...I scored the highest in English with a 100%!  My teacher is really good and he provided some extra classes.

Q: What do you want to do when you grow up?

A: I would like to become a doctor when I grow up. I would love to treat the sick. I know that to become a doctor I have to really study hard and get good marks.

Q: Do you have a favorite quote or piece of advice?

A: Psalms 27:10 which says though your father and mother will leave you He will never leave you alone.


We are so proud of Kala and will do everything in our power to help her reach her full potetnail!  And we too hope that she'll be able to maintain great grades and become a doctor someday!

you can help our daughters' college dreams come true...Donate today!


Also in our November 2015 news . . .

Child Development Institute at Hope College Opens

Buy through Amazon Smile and Donate to As Our Own


College Graduation Celebration



11 / 23 / 2015


The Launch of the Child Development Institute at Hope College

31 Million Orphans Banner

Equipping those who are called

One of the biggest challenges in caring for vulnerable children is ensuring you have a staff who are not only called but also equipped.  While many people feel called, unfortunately many lack the opportunity to receive high quality training due to limited resources.  Through the Child Development Institute at Hope College we are able to fill that gap.  The college offers biblically and clinically based training to equip those who are called so that every child is truly cared for as our own.

Volunteer & Technology-enabled

We have an amazing staff who is hungry for knowledge.  They are always eager to learn new ways to care for our daughters with many already having degrees in Theology, Business, and Social Work.  As a perfect complement we have some supporters & volunteers who have exceptional knowledge in the area of child development and have graciously partnered with us by offering their time and expertise.  By utilizing a combination of on-site training from our Director of Child Development and online training enabled through video-conferencing with experts in the US, we've been able to launch the Child Development Institute at Hope College.  

This program is the first Biblically-based and clinically-sound program in all of India!  The curriculum leverages best-in-class books in the area of child development - some examples include The Connect Child / Empowered To Connect by Purvis, How People Grow by Cloud & Townsend, In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence by Darke & McFarland, and many others.  It also includes real-world experience and practical application to immediately implement the concepts learned in the classroom to directly impact our daughters.  

If it weren't for amazing volunteers utilizing their training and expertise, we wouldn't have all the curriculum or depth of teaching, and if it weren't for generous donors we wouldn't have the technology to enable the international video-conferencing.  Together, supporters like you have made this possible.


A screengrab from one of the video conference enabled classes

"It is a golden opportunity"

In the US we sometimes take education for granted, but in India this opportunity is truly rare and highly cherished.  We spoke with several of the students and they all were so grateful for the opportunity.  One student said "It is a golden opportunity".  We have already seen amazing progress and learning taking place.

Also in our November 2015 news . . .

Girl Chat with Kala


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College Graduation Celebration





11 / 23 / 2015


College Graduations Celebration

College Gradution Hat & Gown Photo


We had a celebration!

When you see your children work hard and achieve their full potential, there's no greater feeling. This year we were able to celebrate 4 of our daughters graduating from college, and in true India fashion, we had a family gathering & party to celebrate.

As she walked across the stage to receive her diploma, Prina exuded the joy of completing one of her goals. It was the culmination of all the discipline, hard work, and focus put into achieving a Bachelors of Theology degree.  She hopes to use her knowledge to help vulnerable children int he same way that As Our Own cared for her. Thanks to your support Prina was able to achieve this goal.

Prina with a smile of relief after graduation

We took a few cues from the US and created a slideshow of each daughter from when she first joined our family as a little girl through those awkward junior high years, high school, and into college.  Lots of laughs were had as our whole family remembered many great moments from our daughters' lives and as we remembered how blessed we have been to be able to protect them and helping our staff truly care for them as our own daughters, for life.  

Graduation Celebration Photo

One highlight was when each graduating daughter gave a speech to the whole As Our Own family.  There wasn't a dry eye in sight.  The wisdom these young women shared with the As Our Own family was amazing.  They challenged their younger sisters to challenge themselves and to remain focused on the prize.  They showed respect and admiration for our staff and family.  It was one of those nights where we were able to see the fruits of our labor and that these 'little girls' grew up to be wise women.

Daughter giving speech at podium

Several years ago college was but a dream, but we didn't have the resources to make it a reality for our daughters.  Now, thanks to supporters like you, we have 22 girls in college this year!

Did you know that we spend over $100/month on school fees for each child in our care?  If you're able, would you consider helping us cover these costs by giving $100/month?


Also in our November 2015 news . . .

Child Development Institute at Hope College Opens

Girl Chat with Kala


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11 / 23 / 2015


You Shop. Amazon Gives…to As Our Own

Our Daughters are College Bound

Did you know that when you shop with Amazon they donate to As Our Own as long as you shop through

Same price. Same products. Same shipping...just the added benefit of a donation to As Our Own for every purchase.  Simply visit and search for "as our own" in the list of charities.  Then shop through the site for all your future purchases.

Cyber Monday Christmas shopping can make a difference!

Change your bookmark on your computer so that your holiday shopping and future purchases are all through the site - its easy and doesn't cost you a penny, but gives additional funds to help us impact the world!


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Also in our November 2015 news . . .

Child Development Institute at Hope College Opens

Girl Chat with Kala


College Graduation Celebration



11 / 22 / 2015


31 Million Orphans in India

31 Million Orphans Banner

Latest estimates = 31 Million Orphans in India

Alarmingly the latest estimates for the number of orphans in India has grown by 18% to more than 31 Million children.  To give that some perspective, here are a few ways to visualize it...

  • equal to nearly 1/2 of all children in the United States
  • holding hands 31 Million children could reach from Los Angeles to New York...5 times
  • 5 Million more than the entire population of adults and children in Texas
  • 5x the entire population of Indiana
  • If each were given a 50' x 50' lot of land in Texas, no land would be left
  • 4x the population of New York City
What's more concerning is the few number of adoptions

We're often asked 'is the goal to have the girls adopted?'...and we frequently answer 'they already are' because truly they have joined our family and we care for them as our own daughters, for life.  We believe every child deserves to have a family - they need strong & wise parental-figures who will love them unconditionally in their triumps, in their defeats, in their successes and in their failures and they need a family for protection from predators who seek to exploit them whent they are most vulnerable.  But last year fewer than 5,000 of the 31,000,000 children were adopted from India with just 119 to the United States.  We love to see children adopted into loving families, but we also see the shortage of families offering to adopt, so there is a great need for a solution that will serve vulnerable children in India so that they can still have an identity as a daughter & as a part of a family.  It is our hope that our model of care - adoptive-level as our own care - will become the norm within the group home setting throughout India.

31 Million Orphans Icons

Only 1 in 6,000 will be adopted.  Your support allows us to provide them with the family that they long for who can protect and care for them as our own!


Also in our December 2014 news . . .

Make a Joyful Noise Music Lessons


Indian Sweets Recipe


12 / 27 / 2014


We Won Gold - Sports Day

We Won Gold Banner

Athletic competitions increase confidence & teach endurance

Our daughters' school recently had its annual sports competition day where all of the students compete against one another in a variety of athletic challenges, many of which are track races.  While sports competitions are commonplace in the US, these are less common, particularly amongst girls in India.  But this is a great opportunity for our girls to learn to persevere, to endure, to overcome obstacles, and to appreciate grace when they win an unexpected race.  We were so proud to see our daughters step-up to the challenge and compete with excellence and good sportsmanship.  We encouraged them to "run the race in such a way that you may win" and of course we supported them both in their wins and defeats.

Thankfully, we won 9 medals!

It was so exciting to see their spirits lifted and their confidence boosted when they won their events.  Many of the girls realized that doing their best, hard work, determination, and some grace, can help them to achieve what they didn't think possible.  We hope that realization will transfer to their school work, and their careers as they get older.  In total, our daughters took the podium 9 times including 4 first place gold medals.

Race Start

The start of the race


We were reminded to run with endurance the race that is set before us in our work as well.

Also in our December 2014 news . . .

Make a Joyful Noise Music Lessons


31 Million Orphans with less than 0.1% adopted


Indian Sweets Recipe



12 / 27 / 2014


Make a Joyful Noise - Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Creative activities develop leadership skills

In addition to a great academic education, we also focus on developing our daughters' creative skills and abilities.  It allows them to have a creative outlet, to express their thoughts and emotions, to sing songs that bring lots of joy, and more.  In India, these intangible strengths really separate the good from the great and are setting our daughters up for leadership positions in their school and in their careers.  It also teaches them that they can overcome obstacles & that something difficult can be mastered with enough hard work and practice.

Keyboard Lesson

Learning the Keyboard

Playing the guitar

2/3 of our daughters are taking music lessons

Whether they're playing the guitar, learning the triple congos, playing the piano/keyboard, or singing in choir, nearly all of our daughters are taking music lessons from age 3 on up to our high school age girls.  For those who are now in college many can play lots of songs and they lead music for our family, for their friends, and at community gatherings.  It truly has boosted their confidence and allowed them to show all that they are capable of achieving.  We are thankful that they make very joyful noises...which gives us much joy too!

Also in our December 2014 news . . .

Indian Sweets Recipe


31 Million Orphans with less than 0.1% adopted



12 / 27 / 2014


Indian Christmas Treats & Recipes

Christmas Recipes

Are you interested in trying a few Indian treats?

Our daughters enjoyed a blessed Christmas with the As Our Own family this weeek.  And just as many families do in the US - we gathered around food and family.  A few of the snacks made include sweets which are an infrequent food in India, and truly just for special occasions.

Gulab Jamun is a favorite - it is somewhat similar to a sugar/syrup soaked donut hole - it sounds strange but trust us, it is delicious! Karanji is another favorite which is a fried pastry with a sweet stuffing, & Shankarpali is delicious too which is a flaky crisp fried dough cookie. Our girls enjoy these special treats on Christmas and also on New Year's eve. If you're feeling adventurous, give them a try. They're easier than you might think, try the recipes below.

Gulab Jamun Donuts

Gulab Jamun - Indian Donuts (photo from

Gulab Jamun Ingredients

For Gulab Jamun:
  • 1 cup milk powder
  • ¼ cup all purpose flour or maida
  • 1 tsp oil or ½ tsp ghee
  • a pinch of salt (optional)
  • a pinch of baking soda
  • 1 to 2 tbsp yogurt
  • a few blanched pistachio or almond slices for garnishing

Sugar Syrup:
  • 2 cups water
  • 1.5 cups sugar
  • 3-4 green cardamoms, husked & crushed or powdered
  • a pinch of saffron/kesar (optional)
  • 1 tsp rose water (optional)
Click Here for Step-by-Step Gulab Jamun Cooking Instructions



Shankarpali - Flaky Crisp Fried Dough Cookie (photo from

Shankarpali Ingredients

  • 1.5 cups maida/all purpose flour
  • ½ cup rava/sooji/semolina
  • ½ cup organic unrefined cane sugar/regular sugar or as required
  • a pinch of salt
  • 3 to 3.5 tbsp milk or as required
  • 2 tbsp ghee or oil for making fried shankarpali and 3 tbsp ghee or oil for making baked shankarpali
Click Here for Step-by-Step Shankarpali Instructions



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Make a Joyful Noise Music Lessons


31 Million Orphans with less than 0.1% adopted


12 / 27 / 2014


Girl Chat with Kriti

Girl Chat with Kriti

Caring for others is her passion!

Kriti has such a servant's heart and we love having her as a part of our family.  She's studying to receive her nursing degree so that she can pair her caring spirit with her profession.  When girls in the house were sick she'd help care for them and comfort them.  And beyond that she loves to care for others through cooking!  She likes to learn how to cook and to make treats and snacks for the younger girls in our family.  She particularly loves Chicken Tandoori.  If you haven't tried it - it has roasted chicken, yogurt and spices cooked in a clay pot - many Indian restaurants in the US will have this dish if you want to try it. 

Kriti loves school and is doing exceptionally well.  Her dedication to school shows - when asked what she liked best about her school she told us, "I like how disciplined it is!"  But even amidst her dedication Kriti is excited to get back home for Christmas to be with her sisters soon.

“My favorite holiday is Christmas - we all get to be together as a family, the college girls and the young girls, plus we get new dresses!”

Each year we celebrate Christmas as a family and have a joyful time together.  We sing songs, play games, we open a few gifts.  It's always amazing for us to see our whole family come together, everyone with different personalities and gifting to form our one-and-only As Our Own family.  We are truly blessed!

Fun Fact: Kriti's favorite sport is American Football!  Who knew!?!


We are so proud to call Kriti our own!  Even if she does like American football better than cricket!

Did you know you can help our daughters' college dreams come true?  Donate today!


Also in our November 2014 news . . .


11 / 25 / 2014


Super Air Nautique G21 Sweepstakes

Our Daughters are College Bound

The Super Air Nautique G21 could be yours!

Nautique boats has been so generous to As Our Own, and this year they have donated a Super Air Nautique G21 boat to help us with fundraising.  The boat is custom designed and inspired by As Our Own, and Nautique has gone beyond their donation to really partner with us - training our staff on strategic planning and more so that we can further improve on the excellence in our work.  

"Not only do we want to build the world’s best boats, we also want to use our time and other resources to help make the world a better place."
- Bill Yeargin, CEO Nautique Boats


This is a rare opportunity to win the best wake boat in the world!  The grand prize is valued at $148,500 and includes the boat, trailer, trip to Orlando and more.  The winner will be announced in January 2015, but entries must be in by December 31!



Click HERE to Enter

Also in our November 2014 news . . .


11 / 20 / 2014


Girl Chat with Serena

Sweet, caring Serena . . . our future elementary school teacher.

We love our daughter Serena’s tender heart, which is drawn to help anyone who is in need. Her caring, helpful spirit infuses everything she does and says. This makes her an incredibly loving big sister and a huge blessing to our little ones! Serena helps them get dressed, braids their hair, and assists with their schoolwork.

In the classroom, Serena is respectful and her obedient personality makes her a model student. She’s the student who is quick to do whatever the teachers ask with no complaining or resistance. Her teachers love having her in the class! It’s not a surprise that Serena loves school and wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Recently, she’s even been reading a book about the basic principles of childhood development to help prepare her.

“Since childhood my desire was to become a schoolteacher for elementary students. Kids at this age are very innocent and lovable!”

In addition to her hard work in the classroom, she loves to participate in acting, dancing, or singing. We think of her as our 15-year old renaissance woman! And we never know when Serena will put on a show for her sisters by mimicking with great accuracy someone’s verbal inflections, speech patterns, and mannerisms. It’s sure to send everyone into giggles!

This is our daughter Serena. We are so proud to parent her and call her our own!

Did you know you can help make her dreams of becoming a teacher come true? Donate to the college fund today.

Also in our August news . . .

8 / 21 / 2014


Did You Know? India’s Growing Population

A recent report from The Washington Post gives context to the population distribution & growth in Asia as compared to the rest of the world. More than half of the world’s 7 billion people live within the circle on the map, which includes India.

With more than 1.21 billion people, India is the second most populous country in the world.1 If trends continue, India will surpass China by 2025 to take the lead.2 India already has one-sixth of the world’s entire population & more 25 million orphans - more than any other country in the world3.

Also in our August news . . .

8 / 21 / 2014



Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Borde!

Ralph and Jane exchanged wedding vows on June 7, 2014, at a ceremony in India. They were so blessed to have our daughters participate in the ceremony as Jane’s bridesmaids and flower girls. The wedding and festivities were an incredible time celebrating the beginning of their lives together as a family!

Congratulations, Ralph and Jane!

Also in our August news . . .


8 / 21 / 2014


Chicago Students Advocate for As Our Own

CREATIVE IDEA :: Handmade Accessories & Baked Goods Sale
WHO :: Abby, Angel, Diana, and Tatiana
WHERE :: Chicago, Illinois

Four friends made the most of their final months
of high school by making a difference for our girls
in India.

After discovering the unique way we care for our daughters, these passionate advocates wanted to get involved. So they committed to raising funds and awareness by hosting several sales at their school.

Abby and Angel sold their handmade and vintage accessories; Diana and Tatiana sold their homemade sweets and baked goods. They shattered their fund-raising goal of $300, earning an astounding $2,600! Their efforts are funding our Extracurricular Project, which allows our daughters to develop their gifts and talents through lessons, activities, and even holiday events such as celebrations and pageants.

We are extremely grateful for the commitment of these high schoolers. If their advocacy has inspired you, check out our resources for hosting an event that uses your gifts and talents to make a lasting difference.

Also in our July news . . .
Why does Sabri love the rainy season? What's her favorite story? Find out in this month's Girl Chat!

7 / 7 / 2014


Girl Chat with Sabri

In our house, if you follow the sound of chatter and laughter it will likely lead you to Sabri.

She fills our family to the full with her lively, bright personality! At 8.5 years old, she’s one of our younger daughters—which she loves, because she has plenty of older sisters to dote on her. She can’t get enough of their care and attention! And they love being with her, because she’s always ready to play a game of carrom or run around outside.

“I love being in a big family because my
older sisters watch out for me and help
me with schoolwork, and there is always
someone to play with.”

This is one animated girl! Sabri is rarely sitting still. And all of our housemoms agree: If Sabri’s talking, she’s also dancing. Which may explain how she recently won our in-house dance competition, beating out even her older sisters!

“I like the rainy season best . . . because I like to dance in the rain.”

Sabri’s favorite book right now is Cinderella. (We don’t think it’s any coincidence that it has lots of dancing in it!) She chooses this book again and again during our family reading time.

“Cinderella is my favorite storybook because she was troubled at first but in the end was happy.”

This is our Sabri. We are so proud to parent her and call her our own!

Also in our July news . . .

Chicago Students Advocate for As Our Own

7 / 7 / 2014


Say Thanks with a Special Father’s Day Gift

Your Gift Helps Our Daughters . . . and Could Win Him a Boat!

This Father's Day, you can honor the dads you know—your dad, your husband, your brother, your uncle, your mentor—by passing their support on to our daughters. Your donation of $100 or more* says thanks, invests in our daughters, and gives him a chance to win a custom Super Air G21 Nautique boat!

*Online entries require a minimum $100 donation; mail-in entries have no donation
requirement. See our sweepstakes page for details.

Thank you for investing in our daughters! Download and print this card for the dad you've honored.

6 / 5 / 2014


May Advocate in Action: Meet Nautique Boat Company

Nautique Donates Expertise, Influence, and a Boat to As Our Own

Through Nautique Cares, the company gives back to nonprofits to make the world a better place. Nautique has chosen to partner with us to support our daughters in India and advance our vision for orphan care.

CEO Bill Yeargin has been a long-time As Our Own partner. He explains: “We were impressed with what we saw As Our Own doing. After seeing the need, our team knew we had to do something to help.” That help has been twofold:

First, Nautique advised us through business consulting. Bill hosted a training session for the As Our Own staff so he could explain Nautique’s strategic planning process. With Bill’s expertise, that planning process was applied to the strategic needs we faced during this time of unprecedented growth.

Second, Nautique has generously donated a custom boat—valued at more than $120,000—for us to give away as a fund-raiser. Their creative advocacy invites people to join our mission to care for India’s children as our own by donating $100 or more online to enter the Super Air G21 sweepstakes. Nautique’s marketing support throughout the year not only promotes the sweepstakes but also introduces their customers to our mission.

Both of these investments will make a lasting difference in our organization and for our children in India. We can attest: Nautique truly does care!

Someone will win a Super Air Nautique G21! Why not you?

Here’s your chance to win a custom-designed luxury boat from Nautique Boat Company. The 2014 Super Air Nautique G21 is the sweepstakes Grand Prize.

Someone has to win. It could be you!

* No purchase necessary. See Official Rules for details. 2014 Super Air Nautique Sweepstakes is sponsored by As Our Own, NFP. Open to legal residents, 18 years and older, of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and Canada; void in Quebec and where prohibited. Begins 12:00 a.m. ET on 4/2/14 and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on 12/31/14. Click here for Official Rules.

As Our Own is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax deductible. No donation is required for mail-in entries.

5 / 15 / 2014


Nautique Boat Company Donates a Custom Super Air G21 for As Our Own Sweepstakes

We have an amazing network of advocates supporting our work in India to care for vulnerable children as our own. One is Nautique Boat Company. Nautique has donated a custom Super Air G21 boat for a special sweepstakes to raise awareness and funds for As Our Own. We are so grateful for Nautique's creative advocacy!

First, we want you to meet Nautique Boat Company, a premiere manufacturerer of custom boats and gear. Known for exceptional design and quality, Nautique says, "Not only do we want to build the world’s best boats, we also want to use our time and other resources to help make the world a better place." Its Nautique Cares program is dedicated to fulfilling philanthropic projects, such as this sweepstakes fund-raiser.

And now for the sweepstakes! Nautique has designed a boat inspired by As Our Own and has donated it as the grand prize of this sweepstakes. Your donation helps our children in India and enters you into the sweepstakes.

The Super Air G21 could be yours!

Enter online* with a gift of $100 or more for a chance to win the G21 Grand Prize package, with a retail value of more than $120,000. The grand prize winner will be announced in January 2015. Until then, Nautique has also donated monthly prizes—wakeboards, toy boats, and gear. Entrants qualify for the monthly prizes as well as the grand prize.



Take a moment to visit our sweepstakes page to enter, to learn about the Super Air G21 and the monthly prizes, and to read the sweepstakes rules. We will post reminders and announce the monthly winners on Facebook and Twitter in the months leading up to the grand prize drawing. Until then, spread the word and submit your entry for a chance to win!

*Online entries require a minimum $100 donation; mail-in entries have no
donation requirement. See our sweepstakes page for details.

4 / 2 / 2014


Join the January 50. Make a Greater Difference in 2014.

Great news! Our family in India is growing. That means we need our stateside family to grow too. That’s what the January 50 is all about: We’re looking for 50 people to make a greater difference in 2014.

What does this mean?

If you give occasionally ›› Commit to a monthly gift by joining our Sustain Team
If you give monthly on our Sustain Team ›› Increase your gift amount by e-mailing us
If you’ve never given before ›› Give a first-time gift of any amount

When you step forward as one of the January 50, you help sustain our vision to rescue and care for India’s most vulnerable children as our own daughters. You give them the same care you give your own children. You invest in them and help them reach their full potential.

Will you be one of the January 50?

Give today and tell us how you are claiming one of the 50 spots. Make a greater difference in the lives of our daughters this year!

1 / 6 / 2014


November Advocate in Action: Meet Anna

Baking for a Cause

When Anna thinks of her childhood, she remembers baking scrumptious baked goods with her mom. She watched and learned so she could pass on her mom’s treats to future generations.

After Anna heard about our work in India, she decided to do even more.

A baking business had been on her heart—in launching it she saw a way to advocate for the girls. Anna now donates 100% of the profits from every order and spreads the word about our work: “My baking business is still very small, but I have big aspirations! I want to do baking each and every day and give a lot of money to As Our Own.”

Anna’s family tradition is now all the sweeter, impacting generations in India. “Find your niche and just dive in. And if you already have a business, conduct it with a higher goal in mind. We can really change the world with our generosity!"

Dedicate Your Gifts and Talents

What do you love to do? Whatever it is, follow Anna’s lead and make a difference for girls in India.

Here’s how you can dedicate your proceeds:

» Get inspired by other advocates.
» Use our resources.
» Make a donation, and tell us your unique story!

Let your gifts and talents make a greater impact through As Our Own!

11 / 11 / 2013


The Beauty of Family—for Life

Quite often in our updates we describe our family with a little, two-word phrase: For Life. The phrase may be small, but the sentiment of those words is immeasurable! What do we mean when we say our daughters are family—for life?

Family—for life means that when a child is rescued into the care of As Our Own, she becomes a daughter. She has been welcomed as our own child, as an irreplaceable member of our family. She’s now family—for life. We have the great joy of caring for her as she grows up, gets an education, pursues a college degree, and gets her first job. And when she gets married and starts having children of her own, she’s still family. Our grown daughters come home to visit and celebrate holidays with us!

The profound beauty of family—for life catches us especially when we see how much our daughters have grown over the years. When we pull out the family photos, our hearts melt with joy in remembering those snapshot moments from years past. Children grow up so very fast! As parents, we are so thankful for the time we have with our girls.

What a privilege to parent them, nurture them, help them reach their full potential. Seeing years of life in those photographs is evidence that othis is what it means to be family—for life.

“Family relationships provide children with a critical sense of being valued and with a vital network of historical linkages and social support.”1


11 / 1 / 2013


Don’t miss our For Life Friday Photo series!

Are you following us on Facebook and Twitter? Because that’s where we’re launching a new Friday Photo series, For Life. Each week of November you’ll see photos of our daughters and how they’ve grown since coming into our family. You won’t want to miss it!

Give us a Like on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to catch the #forlife series.

11 / 1 / 2013


Advocate in Action :: Meet Sallie & Team Houston

Houston Races to $30K Goal with Sallie Leading the Way

More than 40 runners will take part in the Houston Half Marathon & Relay on October 27 in honor of our daughter Sabeena. What an impression will be made with all the As Our Own jerseys and Sabeena ink!

Gathering a large team is part of the fun. However, the power of I WILL RUN is not in the size of the team but in the dedication of each member to raise the minimum $750 fund-raising commitment. Team Houston understands that I WILL RUN is their platform to raise funds through running, thereby making a difference in the lives of our daughters.

That’s why Team Houston set a $30,000 goal. Such a high fund-raising goal can look daunting! But it is achievable—when each runner commits to raising $750. Team member Sallie has already reached $1,010, helping push the team past the halfway mark.

It’s exciting to see so many dedicated advocates working together. We are very grateful for Team Houston's fund-raising and advocacy efforts!

Make a Difference through Running

You can make a difference in our daughters' lives by joining an upcoming I WILL RUN team. Here's how to get started:

1 :: Pick one of these upcoming half marathon races:

» Run for Anala in Houston FEB 09 2014 (New race in Houston!)
» Run for Arni in Dallas MAR 23 2014
» Run for Punita in Atlanta MAR 23 2014

OR » pick your own race of any distance. Start here!

2 :: Raise at least $750. Learn why meeting your goal is so important!

10 / 15 / 2013


College Dreams in Progress

You all know how many daughters we have in college this year, right?! They are pursuing their academic dreams both near and far. We are so very proud of their achievements! It’s so exciting to see how their gifts and interests are being developed for their future careers.

As you can imagine, college tuition for all of our daughters is quite an investment. Would you consider donating to our College Dreams fund to invest in our daughters’ education?

Here’s how you can make College Dreams come true!

10 / 1 / 2013


September Advocate in Action :: Meet Jessica

Sand Volleyball Boosts Advocacy for As Our Own

A love for India had been growing in Jessica’s heart for some time before she heard about the work of As Our Own. After hearing about our growing family in India and how our daughters’ lives were being redeemed, Jessica knew she wanted to get involved.

Jessica wanted an event that would be fun and inclusive, something everyone could be part of. A six-on-six sand volleyball tournament was chosen, as teams could be organized quickly with people of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds. The event, Dig In & Set Free, was a great success, drawing 20 teams that raised $3,200 and boosted awareness on behalf of our daughters. She explains: “I love that I can be a part of rescuing and caring for girls in India whom I haven't even met yet and helping prevent others from being taken into a life of abuse and exploitation.”

Organizing an event like this was a huge undertaking, but Jessica says it was worth every effort.

If a love for India and our daughters has been growing in your heart, consider joining Jessica in a creative advocacy campaign.


Are you looking for a way to get your friends involved and make a difference for our daughters in India? Hosting an event is a great way to take action and raise money for As Our Own.

We have all the tools for making your event a great success:

» Get inspired by other advocate events.
» Use event resources (Event Kit, Brand Guidelines, and Media).
» Adopt a project to fund.

Bring your event to life and help fight the trafficking and exploitation crisis in India!

9 / 16 / 2013


Why Ongoing Protection Is Crucial for Our Daughters

Each time we bring a daughter into our care, there is great rejoicing! She is welcomed home as a permanent, irreplaceable member of our family. The day of her rescue is cause for celebration!

But rescue marks the beginning of our lifelong commitment to protect and guide her through every phase of life and every major decision. Her protection is crucial, as girls are often subject to unique dangers in India.

A study1 on child abuse in India confirms the need for ongoing diligence, reporting on the emotional, physical, and sexual abuses plaguing girls who aren’t fully protected. And many girls—47 percent—face early marriage, before age 18.2 Sources report that early marriage means the end of formal education for them. It also means they are twice as likely to face physical and emotional abuse as compared to those who obtain higher education and get married later in life.3

This is why we stand in the gap for our daughters, protecting them and their bright future. We are thankful that for our daughters, immediate danger of abuse and early marriage subsides once they enter our family.

Together, we provide this covering for each of our daughters, so they have a safe environment in which to grow and learn and live and shine.

“Some 40% of the world’s child marriages take place in India.”3

1. “Study on Child Abuse: India 2007;” Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India,
2. UNICEF, “Child Marriage in India: An analysis of available data (2012).”
3. Nel Hedayat, “What is it like to be a child bride?” Huffington Post, 3 October 2011.

9 / 4 / 2013


Run a Fall Race for Premila

This past year, I WILL RUN expanded with Team Premila—you pick the city and race distance for raising support and awareness in honor of our daughter. Runners are training and fund-raising for September and October races in Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington.

So pick your city and your race and start making a difference. Will you run for her?

Steps to Run for Premila:
» Register with Team Premila to create your fund-raising page.
» Sign up for your selected race on the event's official Web site.
» Read why it's important for you to reach your $750 fund-raising commitment.
» Use our helpful Training Guide to get into running shape for race day!

9 / 4 / 2013


August Advocate in Action :: Wedding Edition

Couples Share Wedding Day with As Our Own

Did you know that it’s wedding season for As Our Own? Through the creative advocacy of brides andgrooms, we get to be part of weddings across the country this year! In lieu of gifts, these couples donated to As Our Own in honor of their guests. Here’s how a few of them describe their creative sacrifice:

“We wanted others to give so we provided the information about As Our Own, and we led the way by making a donation in their honor and using favors to tell them what we did.”

“We're using our wedding to help fight the crisis in India.”

“Giving to change a life is so important; it’s fulfilling to know we made at least some difference in helping young women in India.”

We are so very grateful for these couples! They are making a lasting difference in the lives of our daughters by sharing the spotlight on their special day.

Wedding Advocacy Made Easy :: NEW PRINTABLES

We wanted to make it easy for brides and grooms to use their special day to highlight our work in India. Our solution? Wedding favor printables!

Here’s how it works:

» give to As Our Own in honor of your wedding guests (choose a donation of $1,000, $500, or $300)

» download the print-ready PDF with exclusive As Our Own photography and graphics

» choose your images and send to a printer

» display the images at your reception to spread the word about As Our Own!

Brides and Grooms » Get started today

8 / 15 / 2013


New Event Kits! Everything You Need for Success

Planning a garage sale, trivia night, or bake sale? We are making hosting an event easier than ever with these packaged Event Kits. Each one contains the basics you need for raising awareness and money at your upcoming fund-raising event.

» Small Event Kit ($15)
50 informational postcards, 10 wristbands, 5 giving envelopes, 5 business cards, 1 sign-up sheet

» Large Event Kit ($30)
100 informational postcards, 20 wristbands, 10 giving envelopes, 10 business cards, 2 sign-up sheets

Order your kit today and launch your advocacy to make a lasting difference in the lives of our daughters.

The Event Kits help us cover printing and shipping costs so that more money can go straight to program expenses in India.

8 / 1 / 2013


July Advocate in Action: Meet Jamey and Amy

Contagious Energy from this Husband and Wife Team

In just a few short years, advocates Jamey and Amy have seen an amazing impact through their commitment to our daughters in India.

It all began when Jamey joined I WILL RUN Team Minneapolis in 2012. His fund-raising efforts brought in $1,300 in honor of daughter Rima. For this year’s race, Jamey and Amy pulled in friends and family for a relay team, raising $3,500 in honor of daughter Prasana. Jamey exclaims: “What a joy to see Team Minneapolis raise over $15,000! It was awesome to be a part of that.”

Racing was just the beginning of their advocacy, however. Earlier this year, Jamey and Amy responded to our January 50 campaign by joining our monthly Sustain Team

And we love the way Jamey and Amy have grown in their commitment to our daughters. Advocacy like theirs produces exciting momentum, drawing more interest and attention to our work in India.


Start Your Advocacy with I WILL RUN

With more I WILL RUN teams in training for 2013 half marathon races across the nation, there is sure to be one near you! What about . . .

» Team Houston :: OCT 27 2013 :: Run for Sabeena
» Team Portsmouth :: NOV 10 2013 :: Run for Varana
» YOUR TEAM! :: any race in 2013 :: Run for Premila

Together, we can rescue girls from treacherous situations and promise to love them as our own daughters for life. Let her story be your inspiration to train, sacrifice, and cross the finish line!

7 / 15 / 2013


Houston, Come and Get Inked with I WILL RUN!

We Need YOU to Wear Sabeena Ink!

When we run for our daughter, we tell others about her by writing her name on our jerseys, headbands, shoes, arms, hands, and legs. We want everyone to know why we run . . . to help change her life! And when we need motivation, the ink reminds us she is our inspiration to run and raise money.

On October 27, Team Houston will get inked for Sabeena and run in the Houston Half Marathon & Relay! But before then, we need YOU to join our team. Sign up with Team Houston today!

Will You Run For Her?
Run for Sabeena and Change Her Life

Steps to Join Our Team:

» Register with Team Houston to create your fund-raising page.
» Sign up for the 2013 Houston Half Marathon & Relay.
» Read why it's important for you to reach your $750 fund-raising commitment.
» Use our helpful Training Guide to get into running shape for race day!

6 / 17 / 2013


It’s Our Third Year Running in Houston—Join Us!

Third Annual Race in Houston!

On October 27, Team Houston is running for our daughter Sabeena. Over the past two years, Team Houston has helped I WILL RUN raise a total of $237,000! The dedication by these runners to train and raise funds has impacted our daughters' lives greatly! This year, we need YOU to join our 2013 Houston Team and help us reach $300,000.

It takes all levels of runners to make a team! Read and be inspired to join Team Houston in 2013 . . .

"Each year I dedicate one of my races to these girls. I love thinking of creative way to raise funds—I've done a coin drive and partnered with a local restaurant. It is a great feeling to use my running skills and creative fund-raising efforts to help make a difference in India!" —Erin, Avid Runner

"Training can be hard, but it's worth it! One morning, I did not want to run 6 miles. But then I remembered why I was running and I re-commited my mind and miles to the girls and got it done! Afterwards, I was encouraged because I knew my dedication was to something bigger." —Ryan, Casual Runner

"I made a commitment to train for my very first half marathon so I could raise money for girls in India. It felt amazing crossing the finish line knowing I met my physical goal, and I raised more than $2,000!" —Sharon, First-Time Runner

Here's How to Join Our Team!
» Register with Team Houston to create your fund-raising page.
» Sign up for the 2013 Houston Half Marathon & Relay.
» Read about your $750 fund-raising commitment.
» Use our helpful Training Guide to get into running shape!

6 / 10 / 2013


Run a Shorter Distance and Still Make a Difference!

Run 3.1 Miles Instead of 13.1!

You've probably heard us talk about our I WILL RUN half marathon races—but what if you are new to running and the idea of training for a half marathon overwhelms you?

Good news! You can still be a part of I WILL RUN and help change a life. Simply choose a shorter distance race in your city and commit to raise $750 with Team Premila! You can choose any local 5K race (3.1 miles) near you. So go ahead . . . grab some friends, find your race, and start training! Your commitment will help us protect her, provide for her, and love her as our own daughter for life.

Will you run for her?


Steps to Run in Your City

» Pick a race in your city. Check out for a list of races near you.
» Register with Team Premila. Run as an individual or create a team.
» Make your commitment to raise $750! Start fund-raising immediately.
» If you are new to running, use our Training Guide to prepare for race day.

5 / 7 / 2013


Be Creative This Mother’s Day!

We're providing you with a creative Mother's Day gift for the special women you know! You can honor the special women in your life by donating through As Our Own and giving each one a card telling how you've honored her.

When you honor someone with a donation to Thanks, Mom!, you help us love and raise our daughters to grow and become moms themselves one day. Your generosity will impact lives for decades to come.

Three Steps When You Donate . . .

» In the comments box, tell us what you appreciate most about the people you are honoring.
» After donating, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to print the card.
» Print and give the card to those you've honored this Mother's Day!

5 / 1 / 2013


April Advocate in Action: Meet DBU’s Zeta Chi Sorority

Sorority Hosts Fund-Raising Event to Fight Trafficking

When members of Dallas Baptist University’s Zeta Chi sorority heard about the human trafficking crisis, they committed to making a difference. They chose As Our Own to be the recipient of its philanthropy projects, committing to raise awareness and money for our work in India.

In 2012, Zeta Chi members raised more than $2,000 at their on-campus fund-raising event. This first-year success gave them the confidence to make it an annual event! Zeta Chi hosted their second annual on-campus coffeehouse event this past February. They extended the invite to the entire campus, and students came to enjoy music, to sip coffee, and to hear how As Our Own is making a difference in the fight against human trafficking.

The coffeehouse event was a huge success again this year! Students packed in, and the proceeds and donations totaled almost $3,000 for As Our Own. Zeta Chi has been a huge inspiration and dedicated advocate over the past few years!

Could your college group host an event like Zeta Chi’s? Follow their lead and start a movement on your campus

Here's How You Can Host a Fund-Raising Event!

Put your fund-raising event idea for As Our Own in motion! We have all the tools for making your event a great success.

It’s easy:
» Get inspired by other advocate events.
» Use event resources (Event Kit, Brand Guidelines, and Media).
» Adopt a project to fund.

Bring your event to life and help fight the trafficking and exploitation crisis in India!

4 / 16 / 2013


Run In Your Own City!

Did You Know YOU Can Run in Your Own City?

From Paris to Idaho, As Our Own advocates are running everywhere to change the lives of girls in India! You can choose to run and raise money anywhere, even in your own city!

Here are just a few of these advocates who have gone before you:

» Jill ran a half marathon in Bismarck, North Dakota and raised $1,250.
» Noelle ran in Paris, France last week! And she's running again in April to reach her $1,000 goal.
» Paige recruited a group of friends to run a 5K at Baylor University this spring.

Teams who run in their own city (instead of our pre-set teams) will run for our daughter, Premila!

Will you run for her?

Steps to Run in Your City

» Pick your race anywhere and any length . . . 5K, 10K, half marathon, or even 26.2 miles!
» Register with Team As Our Own and run for our daughter Premila.
» Run as an individual or create a team!
» Be sure to tell us where you're running, and set your team's fund-raising goal. 

3 / 8 / 2013


It’s Time to Run in the Midwest!

We need YOU, Midwest runners!

The snow is melting, the days are getting longer, and our half marathon races in three Midwest cities are just around the corner! Join our team and take the challenge to make a difference in the lives of girls in India . . . right now, right where you are!

Your commitment to raise awareness and money will change our daughters' lives.

Will you run for her?

Our Midwest Races

We need you! Go ahead—take that next step and sign up today.

» Join Team Hasita

» Join Team Prasana

» Join Team Sabri

Be Inspired By Those Runners Before You!

Hundreds of runners successfully completed I Will Run races. They trained hard, raised money . . . and had fun doing it! Be inspired by their dedication (and smiles)—then start training!



3 / 6 / 2013


Let Your Everyday Work Change Lives in India!

Every day, you use your skills for work and play. With a bit of creativity, you can use your everyday gifts and talents to make a difference in our daughters’ lives. We need writers, musicians, and business professionals to turn their everyday work into an eternal investment. You could:

» Donate 10% of your book sales.
» Donate a day’s worth of photography mini-sessions.
» Dedicate a portion of your CD sales.
» Tithe from your business profits.
» Give a portion of your online merchandise sales.

What difference could your everyday skills make? Visit Give Proceeds to learn more!

2 / 28 / 2013


Recruiting 50 People This January!

Will YOU be one of our 50 new Sustain Team members during January 50?

Every January, we invite YOU, our biggest advocate, to start the year by joining our Sustain Team! This year, will you be one of our 50 new Sustain Team members?

By making a commitment to give at least $25 per month, you help change a life right now—right where you are! It takes many people, joining together, to sustain the vision to rescue and care for India’s most vulnerable children as our own daughters.

As of today, we have 47 of our 50 new commitments!

JOIN NOW » Just select 'monthly' when you donate . . . 

1 / 10 / 2013


New Advocate in Action Online Tools!

Advocates, you inspire us! Through your hard work and passion, you are making a difference in India—sacrificially using your talents and resources to spread awareness and raise money to fight for children in crisis.

And now, we've made it even easier for you to get involved. Today, we are launching new tools on our Web site that help you take action now, right where you are! You just might be next month's Advocate in Action!


Host an Event »
Channel your passion to host a fund-raising event and spread our message.

Your Campaign »
Raise money for your race, birthday, or Christmas!

Sustain Team »
Join our team! Give monthly and change a life right where you are!

Advocate in Action »
Need a little inspiration? See what others have done and take their lead!

Give Proceeds »
Donate a portion of your book/CD sales or tithe from your business profits.


How will your Christmas change her life? Instead of more presents, ask your family for donations that will change a girl's life.

Research shows that families spend an average of $700 on Christmas gifts each year. When you dedicate your Christmas by raising money, you will fight for the 82 minor-aged girls who are being trafficked into sexual slavery every day in India.

11 / 8 / 2012


We’re Coming to California!

On February 3, we're running in the Surf City USA Half Marathon for our daughter Rupi. This fall, we're recruiting runners for Team Hungtington Beach. With a goal of 25 runners, we're asking you to join the team! Will you run for her?

Join Today. Follow These Steps:

» Watch our inspirational video and be inspired to run for Rupi!

» Register with Team Huntington Beach to create your fund-raising page.

» Sign Up for the Surf City USA Half Marathon.

» Use our helpful Training Guide to get into running shape for race day!


Run for Rupi and change her life.

Rupi is 8 years old and is in the 3rd grade. Dancing is one of her favorite things to do. She is also taking piano lessons and learning English. She's a sensitive little girl who loves to play games with her sisters. When she grows up, she wants to be a nurse and would love to travel to New Zealand.


  Rupi is our daughter. We have made a commitment to her for the duration of her life. We will stand by her side through whatever she faces. You too can play a vital role in her life by running and raising funds with Team Huntington Beach! 

9 / 20 / 2012


Grab a Friend and Run a Relay!

Grab a friend and run a relay with Team Houston!
Team Houston is running for our daughter Sabeena on October 28 in the Houston Half Marathon & Relay. What are you waiting for?! Grab a friend and sign up as a relay team! Split the mileage but share in the fun of running with As Our Own.


Take Action Today. Follow These Steps:

» Send our inspirational video to your friend and say, "You're running with me for Sabeena!"

» Sign up for the Houston Half Marathon & Relay as a relay team.

» Register with As Our Own to create your fund-raising pages—each relay runner should make a page and set an individual goal.

» Use our helpful Training Guide to get into running shape for race day!

Will You Run for Her?

Run for Sabeena and change her life.

Sabeena is 4 years old and just started her first year of pre-school. She's a spunky gal who loves to play with her sisters and be silly. When she grows up, she wants to be a cop. And in school, she likes song time best of all.

Sabeena is our daughter. We have made a commitment to her for the duration of her life. We will stand by her side through whatever she faces. You too can play a vital role in her life by running and raising funds with Team Houston! 

8 / 31 / 2012



Will you run for her?

It's time for YOU to take action and join our team!

So, you've been thinking about signing up to run for us for over a week now . . . but you still haven't. Well, it's time for you to join our growing I WILL RUN team this season!

Need a little extra motivation? Watch our video, and see how you can play your part and fight the battle for children in India! Together, we can rescue girls from treacherous situations and love them as our own daughters for life.

Go ahead . . . choose your city and register on the team page. Click on the city, and meet the girl you'll be running for! Your commitment will change her life.

Best News Yet!

New tools to make your training and fund-raising a little easier this year.

Training Guide » Get into running shape for race day. Both beginner and experienced runners can be a part of I WILL RUN!

Fund-Raising Action Kit » Learn why it's important to hit your $750 goal and how you can do it!

Video » Trying to recruit a team to run with you? Use this video as inspiration.

8 / 21 / 2012


I WILL RUN :: Run for As Our Own in YOUR OWN CITY!

Pick your own race, and run for our daughter Premila!

This year you can run in your own city.

We understand not everyone can travel to one of our half marathon races on our pre-set schedule. But we haven't forgotten all of you who have asked to run in Michigan, Kansas, Colorado, and so on!

Here's how you can run in your own city:

» Pick your race anywhere. It could be a half marathon, 10K, 5K, or even 26.2 miles!
» Register with Team As Our Own, and run for our daughter Premila.
» Create a team and recruit your friends to join you!
» Be sure to tell us where you're running, and set your team's fund-raising goal.

Already, we have team members running in Boise, Idaho, and Bismark, North Dakota. Go ahead, follow their lead. We can't wait to cheer you on!

Best News Yet!

New tools to make your training and fund-raising a little easier this year!

Training Guide » Get into running shape for race day. Both beginner and experienced runners can be a part of I WILL RUN!

Fund-Raising Action Kit » Learn why it's important to hit your $750 goal and how you can do it!

Video » Trying to recruit a team to run with you? Use this video as inspiration.


8 / 21 / 2012


When Is Basketball More than a Game?

When it’s used to build community at home and compassion around the world. The men's ministry at Houston's Bayou City Fellowship took a 3-on-3 tournament and made it more than sport.

Tournament organizer Gregg explains, “The goal was to have fun while playing for something greater than a trophy.” Basketball was a creative way to draw men—55 players on 13 teams—while raising money for a BCF-supported nonprofit. The winning team had the privilege of selecting the beneficiary for the proceeds, and they chose As Our Own! We are so grateful.

Gregg says BCF’s ongoing commitment to As Our Own highlights how we can make a difference when we “reach out into all the world and save children from the snare of slavery, prostitution, and hunger.” He sees compassion growing at BCF due to this partnership.

You can follow BCF’s lead to build community at home and grow compassion for our daughters by dedicating the proceeds from your outreach event. Gregg encourages: “Selfless acts will be more rewarding than selfish ones. Don't miss an opportunity to serve.”

Can You Be an Advocate in Action?

We need more people to join our Advocate in Action team! You can make an impact, right where you are—using your talents and resources.

» See what others have done before you and take their lead. Learn More »
» Do you have an idea and just need the tools to start? Take Action Today »

8 / 15 / 2012


Get ready to run!

Last season, 300+ half marathoners ran in races across the country for our daughters and raised nearly $120,000 through I WILL RUN! Our daughters’ redemptive stories inspired so many of you to cross the finish line!

Over the summer, we asked where you wanted to run next . . . and next week we will announce our new race schedule. You won't want to miss being a part of this amazing team!

We've also made a few changes to I WILL RUN to make it easier to participate no matter where you live! In addition to our featured cities, you can also choose to run in your very own city.

Stay tuned for our schedule release and all the new details as they launch early next week . . .

Will you run for her?

8 / 1 / 2012


A Is for Academics!

Education is the buzz in our family right now. The new school year has begun, with new teachers, new coursework, and new routines. And the girls are loving it! Enjoy a few back-to-school highlights from our house to yours:

» Our daughter is Student of the Year! Dedication and focus place her at the head of her 10th grade class. Read of the dramatic difference this achievement means for her.

» We sent three very excited girls to school for the very first time! Prasana says she was very happy to go to school, even though all the other girls in her class were crying. (Brave girl!) Sabeena loved the bus ride, choosing to sit up front with the driver to get the best view. (She doesn’t want to miss a thing!) Tamila says her teacher gave them chocolates and they recited poems.

» Our grade schoolers are getting in the learning groove after a fun summer break. Now it's back to daily homework and the typical school-year activities in music, singing, sports, and extra tutoring sessions. Overall consensus? They are happy to be back!

7 / 2 / 2012


When Education Is a Privilege

In many countries, schooling isn't similarly available or encouraged for both boys and girls. Research shows that girls in India are much less likely to get an education than boys (see chart, below). By the time girls in India reach high school, only 34% of them are still in school.1

We want to defy the stats when it comes to education for our daughters! They are given every opportunity to attend school and to excel so they can pursue college degrees.

To help change the stats for India's future generations, consider giving to our College Dreams Project.


1. International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) and Macro International. 2007. National Family Health Survey (NFHS-3), 2005-06, India: Key Findings. Mumbai: IIPS.

7 / 2 / 2012


You raised $120,000 through I WILL RUN


We are beyond grateful for the 300+ half marathoners who ran in 10 cities for 10 of our daughters this season. Because of your passion and dedication, you raised nearly $120,000 through I WILL RUN! You've made an extraordinary impact on the lives of our daughters!

Our daughters' stories inspired our teams . . . and your participation has inspired us!

Thank you!

Where do YOU want to run next year?

Did you miss participating in I WILL RUN this past year? Did you run with us and you can't wait to do it all over again?! Well, we are working on our 2012–2013 racing schedule and want to hear from you!

LEADERS NEEDED » If you have the commitment and drive to build and lead a team of 20 runners in your city, tell us now!

YOUR CITY » And we want to know what city YOU want to run in . . .

6 / 11 / 2012


Off to College :: Prina and Reena

We are as proud as we can be watching our daughters grow up and spread their wings! And as parents, we find this time of year to be bittersweet as we send our high school graduates off to their first year of college. 

Many of our oldest daughters are also heading back to complete their final years of college. But it's the first-year students who get some special attention during this transitional time in life as they prepare to experience their first year away from home.

This semester, two of our daughters—Prina and Reena—will leave the nest and start college. June 8, Prina will begin Seminary; her acceptance into a prestigious school means that she will be the farthest from the nest yet! And late in July, Reena will start nursing school. She has been busy this summer taking extra chemistry classes in preparation. 

Here are a few insights from these two girls as they prepare to head off to college:

» Question: What are you looking forward to the most at college?

Prina: I am anxious to meet new people from all over India who come from different cultures and speak different languages.
Reena: I am excited to enter into a new world that I have been dreaming about for a long time!

» Question: Is there anything you are nervous about heading off to college?

Prina: I have been working very hard on my English grammar and conversational speaking and hope that I will be able to communicate clearly.
Reena: I wonder what the reaction of my teacher will be if I make a mistake.

» Question: What do you think college will be like?

Prina: The chapel on campus will be beautiful and the library will be the biggest I've ever seen!
Reena: I think the environment will feel like a retreat and that the teachers will be nice too.

Did you know you can give directly to our College Fund? Click here and learn more!

6 / 1 / 2012


A Final Word on Thanks, Mom! 2012 . . .

Generations will one day look back and see the legacy that began with the investment you made this Mother's Day season. We heard from over 400 of you hailing from 44 states and 6 countries. Through your contributions, Thanks, Mom! raised over $26,000! Your investment in each one of our daughters today allows her to become a future source of strength to her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

In addition to the heartfelt stories from our all-star team of bloggers, you shared many amazing tributes to the special women in your lives. Thank you for honoring your mothers, mothers-in-laws, step-mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, and wives through Thanks, Mom!


What Happened on Mother's Day in India!

Yesterday, our daughters celebrated Mother's Day in India! They hosted a party with a special mehndi session for the women who love and parent them so faithfully. In India, mehndi (an artistic temporary henna leaf stain applied to women's hands and feet) is used in times of celebration and honor. Receiving mehndi is a relaxing treat—like going to a spa!

And no party is complete without cards, ice cream, flowers, and singing! Hope you enjoy these photos from the party. » See Photos

5 / 14 / 2012


Our Runners Each Have a $750 Fundraising Commitment


How important is it for our runners to raise $750 for their upcoming races?

$720 will allow her to attend school for 9 months
»Narita was born into a very poor family. After her Father's suicide and her Mother's quick departure, both Narita and her sister were cared for by their Grandmother. Times were still difficult and Narita's Grandmother did not have enough money to send the girls to school. Upon the death of their Grandmother, As Our Own was made aware of the situation and knew without intervention the girls would be forced to work for money in some sort of bondage. The girls were welcomed into our family, where they were enrolled in school once again!

$696 will allow her to eat 3 nutritious meals a day for 1 year
»Gajra was forced to earn money for her stepmother by working in other homes or in nearby fields. Food and water were rarely provided. She would go days without any sustenance. Gajra was 7 years old when she was rescued into the As Our Own family. Physically, she looked half her age.

$672 will give her a comfortable home for 1 year
»Avishi was born in the red-light district because her mom is enslaved there. They made their home in the basement of a seven-story brothel. It was dark and dreary and lifeless. This is no place for a child to grown up. Avishi needed to get out of this treacherous situation before it was too late. As Our Own staff connected with Avishi's mom and shared how Avishi could grown up in a secure and safe environment by living with us.


I WILL RUN completed races in four cities during 2011 . . . and will be racing in six more in the coming months. With a fundraising commitment of $750 each, our runners need your support.

Click here to give a general donation to As Our Own Racing. Simply type 'running' in the general comments.

2 / 2 / 2012


We Need You, Midwest Runners!


Calling all Midwest runners . . . it's your turn to step up and join I Will Run!

We've completed four races and have six more to go in 2012. Join one of our midwest races in your area: St. Louis, Minneapolis, or Chicago. We currently have 60 runners registered on these three teams. Help us reach our goal of 100 runners. Sign up today!


We will be racing in St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Chicago in the coming months. Consider joining one of our teams and running for our girls . . .

APR 15 2012 » Run for Ratna
» Join Team St. Louis

JUN 03 2012 » Run for Rima
» Join Team Minneapolis

JUN 09 2012 » Run for Avishi
» Join Team Chicago


People run for lots of reasons. We give you 10.

We’ve chosen 10 girls to be featured at 10 races in 10 cities across the nation. Their stories give reason to our running. You can make a difference for countless girls just like them—simply choose a half marathon, join the As Our Own Racing team, and raise awareness and funds.

Will you run for her?


1 / 24 / 2012


Will You Join January 50?

Just two weeks ago, we invited our faithful partners to join the 2012 Sustain Team. We called it the January 50—adding 50 new Sustain partners who would give $25 or more per month in 2012.

The response has been so encouraging! We have already received 45 of the 50 commitments! The current Sustain Team is excited for YOU to take one of the remaining nine slots!

Two of our five-year Sustain members share why they continue to be part of the team:

"I love the vision that As Our Own has for helping the children reach their fullest potential, not only helping them survive but enabling them to thrive . . . I can't think of a better cause to give to!" —Jordan

“The ultimate intent is to train our girls and our students to engage the entire Indian subcontinent! What I love most about giving to As Our Own is that it means I am a small part of the big things happening through this organization both locally and globally.” —Taylor

We hope you will consider partnering with these dear friends. Your partnership means so much.

Click here and select Monthly to join the January 50!

Thank you!

1 / 18 / 2012


From Our Family To Yours . . .

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas celebration with loved ones this year. The As Our Own family certainly has! On Christmas Eve, our family attended service at one of our Lighthouse Centers. It was an amazing time to celebrate with the family!

Christmas Day was extra special this year because our daughters came home from college to celebrate with us. It was a full house! There was much singing and dancing, as well as gift giving, laughing, and enjoying a special meal together.

You should know your partnership has provided our daughters with a secure home in our lifelong family to transform communities so predators no longer prey on the innocent.

We are extremely grateful for the investment you have made in our family. You can bless our family again with a gift that will continue to spread the Light of the World in India.

Would you give through As Our Own this Christmas?

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!
As Our Own

If you have been prompted to give a gift to As Our Own this Christmas, click the button to give online or send your gift by check to: As Our Own, P.O. Box 101282, Chicago, IL 60610.

12 / 26 / 2011


Wedding Day Advocates

It is a wedding custom for family and friends to give gifts to the happy couple on their wedding day. But one couple decided to return the love by giving a gift to As Our Own in honor of their guests!

Staci and Austin have a heart for India and wanted their wedding to be a platform for introducing others to As Our Own. Staci explains their motivation like this: “There is more going on in the world than we see when we just live in our little spheres...I wanted to give others an opportunity to do that by providing them with information that could get them connected and leading the way by making a donation to As Our Own in each guest's honor.”

Because Austin is a dentist and Staci is a dental hygienist, they ordered personalized toothbrush favors to hand out and attached a note explaining their donation to As Our Own. She says many guests commented how the gift encouraged and stirred them.


Do you have with a platform for impacting our daughters in India?

12 / 15 / 2011


The first two Races for I WILL RUN are complete!

We’ve chosen 10 girls to be featured at 10 races in 10 cities across the nation. The first two races—Clarksville, Tennessee, and Houston, Texas—are complete!

With your support, we have already raised $12,543 though I WILL RUN! The funds will help break the cycle of enslavement, exploitation, and slavery for girls in India.

We want to give a BIG thank you to each member of the team. Your commitment to raise awareness and funds for girls in India through As Our Own is greatly appreciated. Congratulations on your racing success!

See more photos on Facebook!


Haven’t joined a 1/2 Marathon Team yet? We are in a city near you! I WILL RUN features races all the way from Oregon to Florida. Click here to get the details from the new Web site page and join one of the eight remaining teams.

To help you prepare for race day, we’ve created a training guide (think of it as Running 101), multiple training plans (how to get in shape for race day), and a fund-raising kit (to help you meet your goal).

10 / 24 / 2011


The Power of Education for Our Girls

A good education provides more than book smarts. It enhances critical thinking skills, provides exposure to a world of new opportunities, and develops their natural gifts and talents.

This is what we want for each one of our girls. Education is even more important in India. The schooling our girls receive today provides the opportunity to overcome any stigma associated with their roots so that they can achieve their full potential.

Over the last few months, the girls' grades and reports from their teachers have been something to celebrate!

»75% of all girls at Faith Home are getting straight A's.
»All of our girls at Faith Home are getting A's and B's!
»Avishi has been appointed 2nd grade class monitor.
»Alisha, from Grace Home, has successfully transitioned into her first year at nursing school.
»Mya, from Grace Home, was awarded 'Student of the Month' last month at school!

Such news is exactly what all parents hope to hear about their children! Thank you for making such a difference in the lives of these girls.


10 / 3 / 2011


When ‘It’s a Girl!’ Is Bad News

The recent census release for India confirms the awful truth: An entire generation of girls is missing from India’s history. They are being aborted from the womb, discarded at birth, and neglected in childhood. Why? Simply because they are girls.

This month we were made aware of a documentary, from Shadowline Films titled It’s a Girl. These productions help us each process the reality that women and girls face life-threatening situations every day.

Take a moment to watch the trailer:


Arya :: From Trash to Treasure

As our staff watched the It’s a Girl trailer, many emotions washed over us. The reality is many of our own girls were days away from being part of those stories and statistics—including Arya. Little Arya was the sixth daughter born into a family caught in the hopeless cycle of extreme poverty. Her parents did not rejoice at her birth. Her father took his newborn girl and left her for trash at the garbage dump.

Arya’s life was spared when her grandfather rescued her from the dump and pleaded with As Our Own to take care of her for the rest of her life. It is our privilege to love her as all little girls should be: without measure and for life.

Today, Arya is a first-year college student moving towards a successful career!

We celebrate this story by running the half marathon in Eugene, Oregon, on April 29, 2012, in honor of Arya and the countless girls like her who face a tragic, hopeless future simply because they are female.

8 / 31 / 2011




People run for lots of reason. We give you 10.

We’ve chosen 10 girls to be featured at 10 races in 10 cities across the nation. Their stories give reason to our running. You can make a difference for countless girls just like them—simply choose a half marathon, join the As Our Own Racing Team, and raise awareness and funds.

Will you run for her?

»Play Video Here


I Will Run features races all the way from Oregon to Florida. Click here to get the details from the new Web site page and join one of the teams! We've created a training guide (think of it as Running 101), multiple training plans (how to get in shape for race day), and a fund-raising kit (to help you meet your goal).

»Training Resources

8 / 16 / 2011


Aja’s Story :: Free From a Future of Slave Labor

According to a report by Human Rights Watch1, more than 15 million children in India are bonded laborers. They are forced to work long hours in harsh conditions with little care given for their well being or their future. Many children are there simply because they are working alongside a desperate parent who is trying to eke out one meal a day for the family.

Aja* is one of those children. She had no hope for escaping poverty’s fierceness and bonded labor—until she came to live in the As Our Own family at Grace Home.

Trouble compounded for Aja’s family when the cruelty of poverty and the lure of drugs collided. The hopelessness of poverty pushed her father under influences offering false peace. Aja’s mother tried to reason with him, but he would not relent. He left his wife and family for his addiction.

Without her father to provide for the family, Aja depended upon her mother, who found work with a labor contractor. That sounds good from an American perspective, but in India, some contractors demand more than just the harsh construction work: They also take physical advantage of women with no other job to turn to. This is what happened to Aja’s mom. And because childcare isn’t an option for the extremely poor, while Aja’s mom worked, she and her brother worked right alongside her. (Even today, Aja’s rough skin patches and sun damage are evidence of this cruel treatment.)

This darkness and hopelessness continues from one generation of contracted laborers to the next, so Aja’s life was on track to match her mom’s—unless someone intervened. That’s when As Our Own stepped in through one of our Lighthouse Centers. We were able to welcome Aja and her brother into our family. In addition, we were able to help Aja’s mom by finding her a proper job in a safe setting.

It’s now been five years since Aja and her brother were rescued from bonded labor. Now, secure in the Grace Home family, Aja is free from a future of slave labor.

1. US Dept. of State, Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, 1999, 25 February 2000

*All names are pseudonyms

7 / 1 / 2011


Final Count-down to Mother’s Day

The buzz surrounding our Thanks, Mom! campaign has been truly exciting. We’ve heard many inspiring words of thanks and praise from those who have chosen to honor their moms and grandmas through an honorary gift to As Our Own.

It’s not too late for you to honor your mom this year. It’s easy—just follow the three simple steps outlined below.

STEP 1 :: Give to our Thanks, Mom! campaign to honor your mom by Mother’s Day, May 8.

STEP 2 :: In the donation comments box, tell us what you appreciate most about your mom.

STEP 3 :: Download a certificate for your mom that explains the gift you’ve made in her name.

5 / 2 / 2011


Join the Houston Heights Fun Run Team!

Hello, Texas Runners!

If you are interested in running or walking for Team As Our Own, we have an upcoming event for you to consider. This event is friendly to runners, walkers, and children!

26th Annual Houston Heights Fun Run 5K and Kids 1K

June 4, 2011, in Marmion Park (1800 block of Heights Boulevard)

7:30 a.m. 5K Run

7:36 a.m. 5K Walk

8:00 a.m. After-Race Party Begins!

8:30 a.m. Kids 1K

9:00 a.m. Awards Ceremony


Want to Join Our Team?

You can Fuel the Hope in India—gather some friends, spread the word, and raise some funds! Here’s how to get started:

STEP 1 :: Register for the Houston Heights Fun Run on the event Web site.

STEP 2 :: Go to to join the As Our Own Team.

STEP 3 :: Create your personal fund-raising page at

STEP 4 :: Order your team jersey at least two weeks before your race.

STEP 5 :: Start running and raising funds!

5 / 1 / 2011


How are you honoring your mom this year?

Mother’s Day is just weeks away. How are you honoring your mom this year?

This Mother’s Day, thank your mom for all her love in a truly special way. By giving to our Thanks, Mom! campaign, your honorary or memorial gift supports our daily needs so we can pour ourselves out for our girls. Your gift will cover our girls with all the love, care, and attention they need . . . just like your mom did for you.

In India, As Our Own has the privilege to love and care for over 60 girls in a way that many of them have never had the opportunity to experience before.

What a joy it is for us to love our girls, watch them learn, and help them develop their talents and gifts! That’s exactly what moms do—they help us learn and grow . . . care for every ache and pain . . . offer encouragement when discouragement looms . . . and love in the face of every trial.

Honor your mom with a gift that helps us stand in the gap with motherly love for the sake of our girls.


Here’s a special way to say, “Thanks, Mom!”

STEP 1 :: Give to our Thanks, Mom! campaign to honor your mom by Mother’s Day, May 8.

STEP 2 :: In the donation comments box, tell us what you appreciate most about your mom.

STEP 3 :: Download a certificate for your mom that explains the gift you’ve made in her name.


4 / 22 / 2011


Team As Our Own Takes Bayou City

It was quite a showing! Saturday, March 12, our racing team stepped to the starting line in Houston to sponsor As Our Own and Fuel the Hope in India.

The 8-member team raised $2,806 to benefit As Our Own. The funds will help break the cycle of enslavement, exploitation, and slavery for girls in India.

We want to give a BIG thank you to each member of the team! Your commitment to raise awareness and funds for As Our Own is greatly appreciated. Congratulations on your racing success!

Check out the race photos!


Want to Join the As Our Own Racing Team?

Do you plan to participate in a racing event in 2011? Now you can join the As Our Own racing team to raise funding and awareness. It’s simple! We’re using to manage our fund-raising race donations and racing teams. Here’s what to do:

1. At, join the team for the event you want to compete in (or start a team if one isn’t listed for your event).

2. Create your personal fund-raising page to promote the run and collect pledges.

3. Wear As Our Own gear when you race.

4. Compete, have fun, and make a difference in the lives of our girls!

Remember, you also need to register for the race on the event’s official Web site.

Training Guides

3 / 12 / 2011


Their Stories, Our Inspiration :: Meet Nadia

Like many of our girls, 7-year-old Nadia came to us from a vulnerable situation. There she lived in the midst of darkness and a hopeless future. But through your gifts, Nadia was rescued and now has hope and life with us, in our family.


3 / 1 / 2011


Sports Day for Our Youngest

Your sustaining gifts have provided for loving aftercare for all our girls, which includes attendance at an English school. Month after month, we continue to get good reports on our youngest children’s grades, efforts, and discipline.

This month we were reminded that school isn’t always about books and studying! The English school hosted a sports day for the students. What a joy to see our girls participate, laugh, and play. Congratulations to these top finishers:

Darci, who earned 2nd place in the lemon/spoon race

Sahana, who earned 2nd place in running

Juhi, who earned 3rd place in the sack race

Well done, girls!

2 / 2 / 2011


Construction Zone! Part One

Good news! Hope College enrollment is expected to increase due to its growing presence in the community and also because of the positive words our current students have for the program.

But before we can accept more students for enrollment, we must care for our current students by caring for our current facilities—which have needed improvement for some time. Thanks to a few generous donors, we are now at 65 percent of the funding needed for upgrades to the septic system, kitchen, dining area, dorm rooms, and exterior roadways.

Starting this month, the students at Hope College heard the sounds of hammers and drills as construction began. These sounds remind us of our calling to build into and construct pastors who will serve their communities and those in need.

We’ll be sure to update you on the facility renovations in the weeks to come. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the progress photo!

1 / 3 / 2011