August Advocate in Action :: Wedding Edition

Couples Share Wedding Day with As Our Own

Did you know that it’s wedding season for As Our Own? Through the creative advocacy of brides andgrooms, we get to be part of weddings across the country this year! In lieu of gifts, these couples donated to As Our Own in honor of their guests. Here’s how a few of them describe their creative sacrifice:

“We wanted others to give so we provided the information about As Our Own, and we led the way by making a donation in their honor and using favors to tell them what we did.”

“We're using our wedding to help fight the crisis in India.”

“Giving to change a life is so important; it’s fulfilling to know we made at least some difference in helping young women in India.”

We are so very grateful for these couples! They are making a lasting difference in the lives of our daughters by sharing the spotlight on their special day.

Wedding Advocacy Made Easy :: NEW PRINTABLES

We wanted to make it easy for brides and grooms to use their special day to highlight our work in India. Our solution? Wedding favor printables!

Here’s how it works:

» give to As Our Own in honor of your wedding guests (choose a donation of $1,000, $500, or $300)

» download the print-ready PDF with exclusive As Our Own photography and graphics

» choose your images and send to a printer

» display the images at your reception to spread the word about As Our Own!

Brides and Grooms » Get started today

8 / 15 / 2013