A Is for Academics!

Education is the buzz in our family right now. The new school year has begun, with new teachers, new coursework, and new routines. And the girls are loving it! Enjoy a few back-to-school highlights from our house to yours:

» Our daughter is Student of the Year! Dedication and focus place her at the head of her 10th grade class. Read of the dramatic difference this achievement means for her.

» We sent three very excited girls to school for the very first time! Prasana says she was very happy to go to school, even though all the other girls in her class were crying. (Brave girl!) Sabeena loved the bus ride, choosing to sit up front with the driver to get the best view. (She doesn’t want to miss a thing!) Tamila says her teacher gave them chocolates and they recited poems.

» Our grade schoolers are getting in the learning groove after a fun summer break. Now it's back to daily homework and the typical school-year activities in music, singing, sports, and extra tutoring sessions. Overall consensus? They are happy to be back!

7 / 2 / 2012