31 Million Orphans in India

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Latest estimates = 31 Million Orphans in India

Alarmingly the latest estimates for the number of orphans in India has grown by 18% to more than 31 Million children.  To give that some perspective, here are a few ways to visualize it...

  • equal to nearly 1/2 of all children in the United States
  • holding hands 31 Million children could reach from Los Angeles to New York...5 times
  • 5 Million more than the entire population of adults and children in Texas
  • 5x the entire population of Indiana
  • If each were given a 50' x 50' lot of land in Texas, no land would be left
  • 4x the population of New York City
What's more concerning is the few number of adoptions

We're often asked 'is the goal to have the girls adopted?'...and we frequently answer 'they already are' because truly they have joined our family and we care for them as our own daughters, for life.  We believe every child deserves to have a family - they need strong & wise parental-figures who will love them unconditionally in their triumps, in their defeats, in their successes and in their failures and they need a family for protection from predators who seek to exploit them whent they are most vulnerable.  But last year fewer than 5,000 of the 31,000,000 children were adopted from India with just 119 to the United States.  We love to see children adopted into loving families, but we also see the shortage of families offering to adopt, so there is a great need for a solution that will serve vulnerable children in India so that they can still have an identity as a daughter & as a part of a family.  It is our hope that our model of care - adoptive-level as our own care - will become the norm within the group home setting throughout India.

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Only 1 in 6,000 will be adopted.  Your support allows us to provide them with the family that they long for who can protect and care for them as our own!


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