Girl Chat with Kriti

Girl Chat with Kriti

Caring for others is her passion!

Kriti has such a servant's heart and we love having her as a part of our family.  She's studying to receive her nursing degree so that she can pair her caring spirit with her profession.  When girls in the house were sick she'd help care for them and comfort them.  And beyond that she loves to care for others through cooking!  She likes to learn how to cook and to make treats and snacks for the younger girls in our family.  She particularly loves Chicken Tandoori.  If you haven't tried it - it has roasted chicken, yogurt and spices cooked in a clay pot - many Indian restaurants in the US will have this dish if you want to try it. 

Kriti loves school and is doing exceptionally well.  Her dedication to school shows - when asked what she liked best about her school she told us, "I like how disciplined it is!"  But even amidst her dedication Kriti is excited to get back home for Christmas to be with her sisters soon.

“My favorite holiday is Christmas - we all get to be together as a family, the college girls and the young girls, plus we get new dresses!”

Each year we celebrate Christmas as a family and have a joyful time together.  We sing songs, play games, we open a few gifts.  It's always amazing for us to see our whole family come together, everyone with different personalities and gifting to form our one-and-only As Our Own family.  We are truly blessed!

Fun Fact: Kriti's favorite sport is American Football!  Who knew!?!


We are so proud to call Kriti our own!  Even if she does like American football better than cricket!

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11 / 25 / 2014


Super Air Nautique G21 Sweepstakes

Our Daughters are College Bound

The Super Air Nautique G21 could be yours!

Nautique boats has been so generous to As Our Own, and this year they have donated a Super Air Nautique G21 boat to help us with fundraising.  The boat is custom designed and inspired by As Our Own, and Nautique has gone beyond their donation to really partner with us - training our staff on strategic planning and more so that we can further improve on the excellence in our work.  

"Not only do we want to build the world’s best boats, we also want to use our time and other resources to help make the world a better place."
- Bill Yeargin, CEO Nautique Boats


This is a rare opportunity to win the best wake boat in the world!  The grand prize is valued at $148,500 and includes the boat, trailer, trip to Orlando and more.  The winner will be announced in January 2015, but entries must be in by December 31!



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