What We Do

As Our Own invests in communities to equip and empower its leaders to transform society from the inside out. We are fortifying the local Church in India to be the Church—and to care for vulnerable children as their own.


Lighthouse Centers

The majority of Christian care in India happens among the poorest people. These communities are ill equipped to halt the cycles of abuse, neglect, exploitation, and enslavement. Resources are scarce there, as are pastors. Most Christian communities are without leadership to teach God’s Word or coordinate the Body for societal change.

Because of the great needs most people face in India, Christians live integrated, community-based lives reminiscent of the early Church described in the book of Acts. As Our Own is working in the midst of these communities through our Lighthouse Centers, which are the hub of daily life for spiritual support, physical care, education, community development programs, and health care.

It is imperative to fortify the Church to be the impetus of change throughout society and especially to begin loving the hurting and helpless as their own.


Hope College

Developing strong leaders is the heart of revival for India.

Our Hope College works with the local churches to build into young men, rooting them in biblical truth and securing them in Christ. The students first attend three years of ministry training and apprenticeship and then receive ongoing mentoring and discipleship.

The equipped become men who take the lead in carrying God’s transforming love to the hurting and helpless in their own communities. They become the pastors, church ministers, and community leaders that will help the Church be the Church to the vulnerable and needy.


Local Leaders

India is not without its resources for instituting change in its society. Many leaders within our Lighthouse Centers have resources and connections that initiate drastic improvement for the hurting and helpless.

Partnering with these leaders has been a blessing. Some have given generously to the care of our children. Others have volunteered their time to mentor or train more future leaders.

Their involvement is not only crucial to our mission, it inspires others to similar action. Leaders who invest in their community produce more leaders who invest in their community—and that fosters new societal patterns free of exploitation and enslavement.